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  • James Weston Friend

    Hi Guys,

    1. Am working on some new projects for our own business and wanted to get an update on what the November Template will be and the December one. I know there have been posts about a new Teline site so wondered if that is far away or not.

    2. Has anyone had good experiences with working with freelance designers? I want to make a site that looks just like this Have posted on joomlancers and another freelance site but when I look at the majority of the sample sites that the bidders send out in their quotes there is nothing that jumps out as a really well put together design. In fact a lot of them look no better than some of the ones I have built myself with the help of the great support in the forums here. If anyone has used a really good freelancer would love to hear about them.


    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi Jim,

    The November template was going to be the responsive travel template, however the plan for this has been canceled indefinitely. According to the latest update from JA team, next month we’re going to release Uber version 2.0.

    The long-awaited JA Teline V is coming along smoothly, right now our JA team has already started working on it. If nothing unexpectedly happens then JA Teline V is going to be released as December template for sure.

    gavind Friend

    <blockquote>If nothing unexpectedly happens then JA Teline V is going to be released as December template for sure.</blockquote>

    Thanks. Can’t wait for that. A preview option to be available would be nice.

    James Weston Friend

    Yes would be great to see a preview of how the home page is going to look.

    Anonymous Moderator

    We do have a surprise coming up for this month and I am told the preview should be up tomorrow with beta version by weekend.

    JA Teline V preview is going to take time.

    dieudonne Friend

    Thank you very much for all your work, but is it possible to just have a date ?

    Joomla 2.5 end of life is in 2 months, and we need to prepare our migration, or not…


    Phill Moderator

    Teline 4 is j3 compatible just incase you missed it.

    I too am interested in what JA come up with this time, news templates have changed a lot in the last year alone.

    dieudonne Friend

    <em>@phill luckhurst 451868 wrote:</em><blockquote>Teline 4 is j3 compatible just incase you missed it.

    I too am interested in what JA come up with this time, news templates have changed a lot in the last year alone.</blockquote>

    Yes of course I already saw it.
    But we need a Teline V responsive.


    saswiss Friend

    Hi there,

    just wondering when the November template will be released…your post mentions 5th Nov, but we haven’t seen anything yet:((

    Some feedback would be good 😉

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Hi saswiss
    UBER2.0 Is released , Please take a look here

    James Weston Friend

    Hi Guys,

    I know there has been much anticipation about the release of JA Teline V and lots of questions in a variety of sections of the JA Forums.

    I believe from all the comments that it will be coming out in December. Given the great interest in this over the past year or so I believe it would be great if JA could post the mock ups of how the look and feel will be as this would give people an idea of what is coming.

    I know a lot of the comments on the forums have pointed out the variety of templates already with in the JA range that are suitable to be edited as news sites. However, a lot of us mere joomla mortals don’t always have the skills, ability or resources to make a lot of significant changes and so look to find templates that almost meet their needs but can then be tweaked slightly.

    I am not sure of the process that goes into creating the templates but I am guessing the layout, look and feel is one of the first things and so I would love to see what you are planning; as I am also sure many others would.


    dieudonne Friend

    aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhp please don’t speak about JA Teline V… :laugh:
    Now it is a legend 😎

    This template will never see the light 😮

    aardcom Friend

    I must be missing something so please correct me. I thought Uber was the October template replacing the delayed but now indefinitely postponed Travel Template, which was slated to become the November Template. Teline V was promised for December template, but now postponed until the new year.

    What are the November/December templates? There are a lot of threads with different promises and scheduled/delayed release dates. With Joomla 2.5 on the way out shortly it would be nice to know what we have coming. Maybe a new thread with Hung stating the planned schedule of releases/updates.

    Phill Moderator

    Uber 2.01 became the November template. As December has not yet arrived you will need to be patient to see what the devs have come up with.

    As for giving a planned release schedule I would see that as a step backwards. New ideas and new trends come along all the time and as such JA like the be flexible. Some designs come very quickly based on various trends and the whole team get involved, call it responsive design. Other projects take months of planning, especially when multiple extensions are involved as is the case with the Teline series. It is often hard in cases like this as if one of those extensions run late it drastically delays the whole project.

    aardcom Friend

    C’mon…. three years? That’s how long we’ve been waiting Phil. I’m not asking about an annual schedule of releases as of course this changes. I am asking about an updated release schedule for what was promised. Travel template…due November….”indefinitely delayed”???……Teline V….also previously promised for November….pushed to December… now a surprise template release with a Beta scheduled for last week. Beta of??? Teline V???? Something else???

    Just a plan. There doesn’t appear to be one or if there is, now would be a good time to share it with the members. If there is a problem… then be upfront about it.

    On a positive note. if Teline is not on the radar, perhaps some members would like to start a thread to develop one using PurityIII and existing JA extensions. Start with Joomla 3.5 and go from there. Just a thought.

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