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  • Rx Greenthumb, Inc. Friend

    Once again, I am chasing my tail in regards to Joomlart. Yesterday I purchased the Black Friday Special.

    I expected a 30 second download scenario, email link… something. Come to find out it’s going to take 8-10 hours. For what I don’t know but it’s now almost 24 hours later.

    Received an email this morning… invoice… everything is done and your purchase went through. Great I think, now I can get to work… check my email… nothing. Go on Joomlart website, login, check invoice, it’s there, credit card has been charged and Joomlart has it’s money… I just don’t have any software or email or link or anything else. And of course the chat doesn’t work once again… screen shot attached. So I can’t contact anybody in real time, like you would with other organizations that have real ticket support systems and knowledge bases with stuff you can actually use and find. Now I am forced to spend my time here on this dinosaur message board system trying to figure out if I’ll ever get my license.

    Now Joomlart doesn’t really care, they have their money and I am wasting $200 a billable hour trying to do their job getting my license and or software and or at least an email with a link in it.

    Yesterday I was unable to work on what I planned on working on because I made the mistake of thinking purchasing the software would be a ten to fifteen minute process max… here I am 24 hours later and the email with my info hasn’t arrived and of course no one is manning the fort so no humans to chat with, scratch that, chat doesn’t even work.

    Perhaps you can explain exactly what value there is in purchasing a support package if there is none?

    I need my software and I need it YESTERDAY!

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    Michael McCarthy

    Rx Greenthumb, Inc. Friend

    Just attempted to email you guys via the link provided …

    If you have purchased products from our sites worth more than $299 in the last 2 months , please raise a support ticket here with your username / email.

    And of course the email address provided by the link is this… // an unrecognized email address.

    Typical of the level of support generally found from you guys… nothing works! Chat… nope… Email… Nope… again I pay you for what kind of support? Please get your act together in the support department.

    I am now 4 hours into this and what I am unable to do is bill my clients at $200 an hour… for work I can’t do for them yet since I don’t have my license YET! This is starting to cost me money.

    Michael McCarthy

    rschwarz24 Developer

    almost same to me.
    I paid 299 $ and after a day i found only the Joomlart extensions and not all of the offer like Jomsocial. IJoomla ecc.
    I sent an email Friday no answer.
    I opened a disputed this morning on Paypal.
    Still nothing.
    Seems really a black Friday.

    yahadadmin Friend

    I’ve been trying to purchase the Black Friday special and even that isn’t working for me. There’s no clickable link on the contact button, there’s no chat and you poor guys who already did purchase have said even the email doesn’t work (not that I could even find that). I tried asking about 2 hours ago in the forum for help… I mean, I cant get help elsewhere and I cant even give my money away here. There’s now about 7 hours left so if I hear nothing, then they lose that money. I’l be happy taking my business and a LOT of future business elsewhere. It just shouldn’t be this hard on day one, usually shonky companies take your money and then leave you for but this one ignores you before they get it. Thats taking "NO" service to a whole new level!

    I’m starting to think a higher power is trying to protect me from a huge mistake.
    I really hope you all get some help and a fast resolution.

    Rx Greenthumb, Inc. Friend

    One thing I’ve noticed about this company is they like hiding. Not sure why it’s almost two days now to get a simple email sent and a software package. Their chat must be off because it still has the something’s wrong message on three different browsers. Irony ‘Message – Something’s Wrong Try Again’ ROFLMAO… something wrong alright, I picked the WRONG company for templates that’s for sure and now they’ve bought JomSocial… what a nightmare for me.

    Dear Joomlart, if you run a sale on Friday that requires manual processing… then staff accordingly and show up to work Saturday to support your customers.

    So tired of this company and their lack of professionalism and response.

    Michael McCarthy

    ozmosaics Friend

    I am still waiting too. Wondering why?

    Anonymous Moderator

    @blacktie4 @rschwarz24 Due to our system there’s 6-12h delay after your payment and the activation of the special BF bundle. You guys should have received our emails already, please confirm if you still have any issue with site access now.

    @yahadadmin our chat support appears fine in Chrome browser but not in Firefox browser for some reasons, we are checking further to fix this.
    Currently you still have 1 day left to get the bundle.

    @ozmosaics Could you clarify what problem are you having ? I’ve checked and you didn’t make any purchase recently.

    ozmosaics Friend
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    ozmosaics Friend
    This reply has been marked as private.
    ozmosaics Friend

    I have sent you info on my recent purchase under private reply. Thanks.

    Anonymous Moderator

    I just got back to you via email. Please check.

    ozmosaics Friend

    Thanks so much Joomlart! Very grateful for the awesome Black Friday Bundle offer.

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