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  • trigger571 Friend

    Hi There,

    Having a problem with the newsflash module. It displays “Direct Access to this location is not allowed.”

    Any ideas?



    trigger571 Friend

    :confused: Does anyone have any idea why the Ja_Newsflash module shows: Direct Access to this location is not allowed. ?

    You can check it our on (user 5)

    As you can see, first you get a test post, which is fine, but if you wait a few seconds, you get the Direct Access to this location is not allowed. message.

    kallan Friend

    Do you have the newsflash module set to display from one category or multiple?
    Are any of the items set to registered users only or special?


    trigger571 Friend

    Hi Kallan, Thanks for your reply.

    In the Edit Module I have the following settings:

    Position: user5
    Access Level: Public
    Category: Notice/Latest (where notices is the section and Latest is the category.
    Menu Assignment: All

    There are 3 test articles under that category all of which are set to public.

    Unless there are other settings I am not aware of, the configuration is as it should be for it to work properly. Any ideas?


    Menalto Friend

    Category: Notice/Latest (where notices is the section and Latest is the category.?
    Did you put the text there? Try to use numbers instead.
    Got to section manager and category manager to get the numbers.

    trigger571 Friend

    hi, thanks for the reply. Use numbers? The module (Screen Attached) does not allow numbers. It meerely asks you to select the category, which in my case is Notices/Latest. I have the text in Articles under category Latest.

    1. tut01
    mezlight Friend

    I have the same problem with J!1.5.1. What seems to happen is that during the first call to the ja-newsflashloader.php file, “_JEXEC” is defined but looses scope after that, which doesn’t make sense.

    Khanh Le Moderator

    Please check the version of your joomla and your newsflash module. JA Newsflash module and Mageia template are now available for Joomla 1.5.

    mezlight Friend

    I am actually using the drimia template and it is version 1.5. The module, janewflashes, is version 1.0.0 which was part of the 1.5 extension archive of drimia downloads section.

    malestorm Friend

    Hello Again —

    I just figured out the problem I was having – very tricky. I was also recieving the “Direct Access to this location is not allowed” message after JA Newsflash displayed the first article. And like the other user, my “_JEXEC” is defined but looses scope after display of the first article.

    The problem seems to be interaction between Newsflash and a plugin I had installed today, MosModule. If I de-activate the MosModule then the Newsflash seems to work fine.

    From what I could learn on the Joomla Forum, interaction between modules or plugins that are not fully converted to Joomla 1.5 can lead to loosing info in globals, like _JEXEC, leading to the message recieved.

    When I look at the structure of JA Newsflash for Joomla 1.5, it does not really seem fully converted – but of course the problem might completely be with the MosModule as I was not having the problem at all before installing it.

    So I guess perhaps you might try to recall if you installed any modules or plugins about the same time your problem started occurring. Could you perhaps have installed a Joomla 1.0 version instead of the compatible 1.5 version?

    mezlight Friend

    That was the next step I was going to do (disable extensions and modules)…
    For me, it was the extension plugin_jw_tabs_slides (Tabs & Slides In Content Items).;)

    createwds Friend

    I am working inside joom 1.15 and I can’t figure out how to post content int he upper right hand grey box….. please help me

    missyw Friend

    Here is a solution that worked for me – see this thread

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