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    May I know how you create the first hamburger menu? I tried to access backend of your site but it requires 2nd authentication info, could you share this info also?

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    So – take a look at the image. The menu is created like this:

    1) I created menu and assigned module to it 2) loaded the module in header using widget type in ja builder 3) the first parent item of menu has a hamburger icon assigned and title turned off (take a look at the attachment)

    The fact that you cant log in… I really dont know. Hosting provider claims they have no additional protection from other countries… I tried to access the backend using TOR Browser and it worked ok for every EU country and united states. So – the only thing I can try – you could tell me what country are you logging from and then I can find a free proxy IP from your country and use it as a last node in TOR. When the secondary authentication comes up I can take a picture and send it to my hosting provider and ask them what a hell is that 😀 (or maybe theres a more simple way – just take a picture of it yourself and send it to me please 🙂 )

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    Well it also says in the popup to use cms as login and password 😀

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    I replied you in new forum, pls follow it:

    Thank you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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