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    first i would say thank you for your great module and the great work. I use the purity template since years and i like it.

    but one point i cant realize:
    my megamenu is sticky.
    and i want a module position over the megamenu that is not sticky
    for example like on these sites:
    and so on…

    i have searched in the forum but i found no thread with an solution… what i have found is an way to create a module position over the megamenu.

    open header.php

    search for


    <?php if ($this->getParam('addon_offcanvas_enable')) : ?>
        <?php $this->loadBlock ('off-canvas') ?>
    <?php endif ?>
    <!-- //OFF-CANVAS -->[/code]

    Insert after these code

    <div class="container">

        <?php if ($this->countModules('top-1')) : ?>
            <div class="wrap <?php $this->_c('top-1') ?>">
                <jdoc:include type="modules" name="<?php $this->_p('top-1') ?>" style="raw" />
        <?php endif ?>
    <!-- HDSports End - für Modul über Menu -->[/code]

    When i now create a modul with top-1 than this module will displayed over the megamenu. But the problem: This modul is also sticky and i dont find a way that this module is not sticky…

    i think, there should be a way to realize that?

    Best regads, tom…

    Saguaros Moderator


    Because the header is set to be fixed position so when you add block into header, of course, it will be sticky.

    You can try with this tweak:
    1) Create a new block called topbar: root/templates/purity_iii/tpls/blocks/topbar.php this will load new position you created (check out this docs for how to create new block/position: )
    2) Load this block above the header block in the layout. For example, on homepage of our demo site, it’s using feature-intro-2 layout so I open the file: root/templates/purity_iii/tpls/features-intro-2.php

    and add this line of code:

    <?php $this->loadBlock('topbar') ?>

    3) Now open the header block: root/templates/purity_iii/tpls/blocks/header.php

    look for this line:

    <header id="t3-mainnav" class="wrap navbar navbar-default navbar-fixed-top t3-mainnav">

    change it to:

    <header id="t3-mainnav" class="wrap navbar navbar-default t3-mainnav">

    4) Open the script.js file of Purity III template: root/templates/purity_iii/js/script.js

    Add this script to the end of file:

    (function($) {
        // Add affix
        var nav_pills = $('#t3-header');
        if (nav_pills.length) {
                  offset: {
                    top: $('.t3-topbar').height()
            }, 1000);
      'bs.affix') = $('.t3-topbar').height();

    5) Go to this custom CSS file: root/templates/purity_iii/css/custom.css (create this file if it doesn’t exist), add this rule:

    .t3-mainnav.affix {
        top: 0;
        width: 100%;

    Of course, you will need to customize style for topbar block and header if you want then.


    hdsports Friend

    Hello Saguaros thanks for your answer

    but it doesnt work when i make the changes in root/templates/purity_iii/tpls/blocks/header.php than also the megamenu is not sticky…

    thats the problem. i found no way that only the megamenu is sticky, but not the topbar over the megamenu

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    Saguaros Moderator

    You can share the credentials of your site: URL, Admin + FTP account so I will take a look.

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