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    I tried to check the JA Social template issue on your new site but it is password protected.
    Can u check and share the firewall login details with me. Also, let me know the issue of JA Social ii template.

    If you are facing the issue in the guru kindy write us here and we can help you for this too.


    diegopmusic Friend

    Hello, thanks for answering, the access data has already been modified and you can review it to access the two sites … thank you very much for your help

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator
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    diegopmusic Friend

    Hello and thank you for answering … the problem we have is in the data bases and in the CSS, since we are very demaciated and the site is very slow, what we want to do is create everything from scratch, copy the Jomsocial tables and guru pro to replace them in the site where JA template is installed, and the template was damaged …. what we want to do is to be able to migrate users, and users with their respective courses … without damaging the JA template

    I apologize for my English … I’m from Colombia and I’m not very good …

    the url de 2th site si… sorry…

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    Pankaj Sharma Moderator


    To migrate Guru:
    If your older site and new site has the same version of Joomla you can backup and restore the database tables on new site after that you can install the Guru component on your site.
    If you are doing migration Guru from J2.5 to J3.x because there are so many modifications that create issues.
    Guru is slow:
    Please check if tables have indexes As some old versions of Guru have no index in tables.
    this can be checked through phpmyadmin and index can be added in each Guru table to speed up the site.
    I was checking your new site for template broken issue but now the firewall login not working, You can share the issue you had with a template with screenshot and description I will help you to fix it.


    diegopmusic Friend

    Hello again, thank you very much for your help.

    What we want is for the site to be lighter and more comfortable in its navigation, what we plan to do is:

    1. Install JA template with demo content.
    2. Import the users of the old site.
    3. Install jomsocial and guru pro.
    4. upload the tables of the course database.
    5. assign students one to one in each course.
    6. Create new items. (We want to change the presentation structure).

    Is this process okay? Is there a better way to execute it?

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    diegopmusic Friend

    help … I’m trying to import users from the previous site to the new site but I can not, some method to make it easy? Thank you

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    To import Joomla user table from old site, you need to make sure all the fields are same, Compare the tables before updating them. This needs testing and trial as you will override the user DB with same tables. Also, install the Extensions after import of database.
    If you are not familiar with migration as it needs more info in the database part I suggest you consult it with your developer.


    diegopmusic Friend

    Hello, I already do, I was missing the user map table .. is already working well

    Thank you

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