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    Copied from my post in the general section ( ). Probably better in this forum section.

    Using default JA T3 Blank Bootstrap template from here : latest version (2.6.2)

    I am encountering a problem with trying to display the Megamenu with menu items that are K2 listings. I want to switch off submenus, but using K2 the megamenu settings ignore this setting.

    In the Megamenu setup page, I have the option to switch on/off submenu for any menu item. With this set to off for my K2 menu item (which has sub menu items) it STILL displays the sub items. I have other links to standard category views (not K2) with sub menus and tehy work correctly if I select OFF for submenu.

    Is there any way to get my K2 menu items to respect the submenu off setting ?

    I have JA Developer Membership.



    Attached images :


    Shows settings set to OFF for submenu in Megamenu setup. Menu selected is a K2 display categories menu item.


    Shows settings set to OFF for submenu in Megamenu setup. Menu selected is a standard display categories menu item.


    Shows that the standard menu item to dispaly categories does not display submenus – as expected. BUT, the link to the K2 Categories does display submenu – even when switched OFF.

    1. Megamenu_submenu_off_standard-1
    2. Megamenu_submenu_off_K2-1
    3. Megamenu_bug_shows_submenu-1
    pavit Moderator


    Could you please share as Private Reply a temp super user account to your backend ?

    I will have a look at it

    dave_3d Friend
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    pavit Moderator


    When you set permissions for menu items in Megamenu configuration it is a good praxis to verify them for all permissions groups.
    In your case you leaved submenu ON for your GUEST group –
    I removed it now and as you can see it works fine.


    1. Screenshot-at-gen-11-07-40-47
    dave_3d Friend

    Thank-you Pavit.

    My mistake. I hadn’t seen that I changed away from guest. I’ll take note of that in the future.

    Thanks for the speedy reply and solution.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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