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  • Kevin Friend

    Please click the Jobs By Map tab in the link below. You will see that all the map tools are loading multiple times and I set this up identical to the demo so no idea why this is happening?

    HeR0 Friend

    Hi Earthrat,

    Please open file /modules/mod_jafilter_jobs/ja_filter_jobs/css/ja.job_filter.css and remove or remove !important from code as below:

    div.module div div div div, div.module_menu div div div div, div.module_text div div div div, div.module_hilite div div div div {
    overflow: visible !important;


    Kevin Friend

    Really could use some developer eyes on this and tell me what is wrong.

    okkhalid Friend

    Try to update the jobs by map module to the latest version

    Kevin Friend

    Yes, that was the first thing I tried and just now uninstalled it and then installed a freshly downloaded copy, bu still have the same issue.

    Kevin Friend

    Thinking this might be an issue with Firefox and Chrome I tried it in IE 9 and now I have even more issues. The tabs do not render at all in that browser and only show as a list. I figured if I used all Joomla Art tools I would not have the issues I have always experienced with everything I have used from you. Guess it does not matter though. So what do I do now? As is I am out 300 bucks and support is on vacation.

    Kevin Friend

    Thanks Hero, that was it…

    mla131122497 Friend

    What was the solution?

    Thanh Nguyen Viet Friend

    <em>@mla131122497 431675 wrote:</em><blockquote>What was the solution?</blockquote>

    Please give me URL of error page, I’ll check and give you further help then.
    Since suggestion code above might work only for specific template.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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