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  • msilac Friend

    Can you post short tip how to choose magazine layout look for portal like in demo?

    Thank you

    John Wesley Brett Moderator

    Full Documentation will be available in the next week or so.
    Keep watching:

    msilac Friend

    Great, and how to change on “magazine” layout?

    John Wesley Brett Moderator

    Yes, it will be included.

    msilac Friend

    You dont know how to do that?

    John Wesley Brett Moderator

    EXTENSIONS > TEMPLATE MANAGER > PURITY III MAGAZINE – Click DEFAULT Star to make Magazine the default layout for the site.
    EXTENSIONS > TEMPLATE MANAGER > PURITY III MAGAZINE > ASSIGNMENT – to assign the layout to certain sections of your site.

    Khanh Le Moderator

    In backend, click to open the menu item Magazine in Mainmenu and you can find most configuration for Magazine layout there. In sort, here are steps to make a page with Magazine layout:

    – Create a template style of Purity III with layout Magazine
    – Create a menu item with type “Article – xLayout Magaine”
    – Assign the menu item with the template style

    msilac Friend

    Uf…. now i have all broken… activate all, deactivate something… now I don’t know what I have and what not 🙂

    Khanh Le Moderator

    You may use Demo builder tool to build another installation of Purity III and let me know what’s exactly the problem you get.

    msilac Friend

    Is it possible to do something if I already have finished main menu and some articles?

    I sent you the information to connect to the administration…

    Actually I just want this part that I have at my site… (screenshot)

    1. screenshot_magazine
    dumpyman Friend

    Show only featured article? Why? And not show article with add a author alias.

    Ninja Lead Moderator

    I’m not entirely sure what you mentioned. Just for better clarification, please include screenshot and your site URL here so that I can have a closer look and give you better suggestion.

    dumpyman Friend

    My test site :

    Home menu item include 2 sub menu item. Original demo site template just doing it.

    1. Menu
    Ninja Lead Moderator

    I’m sorry to bother you again, but actually I do not get what you mentioned above.

    Please capture screenshorts with explanation about what you would like to do, I will help you then.

    dumpyman Friend

    I created two sub menu item on home menu point. But does not appear to hover.

    1. Névtelen
    2. Névtelen2
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