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  • kashif294 Friend

    Hi, can i install JA quickstart on local host and after required modifications, transfer to live server. I am on blue host.

    tfosnom Friend

    Use akeeba backup to clone the finished local site, upload the .jpa backup file to your host add the kickstart.php and language files from the akeeba kickstart ( seperate download ) and install just the same as a normal joomla install

    go to Akeeba site for downloads, documentation etc.

    Good guides on using akeeba are everywhere here’s just one of them

    Blessings Shannon

    kashif294 Friend

    Thank you for the information. One more thing is what if i decided to delete my old website and start it from zero with quickstart package of JA. do i have to remove everything from public_html and unzip quick start there. Sorry for such questions i am novice.

    tfosnom Friend

    Hello Kashif

    If you delete your old site and plan on having more than 1 site ( maybe some areas set aside for testing?) I would delete the joomla installation files under Public_html including htacces.txt, configuration.php etc. Then I suggest put your main production site in a sub folder and just point your domain there using a redirect.

    WHY? it’s better when you have to use FTP to view folders & files for organisation process.

    The public_html area will be clean of folders such as administration, cache etc which, if you have a lot of sub sites can get messy and accidentally deleted via ftp if you click the wrong area.

    So imagine if you have 4 sites if you use sub folders call the folder zite for JA zite, Lens for JA Lens Etc. via ftp you immediately know which site you are working on and cannot get confused re files and sub structure

    Hope this is useful information


    kashif294 Friend

    Hi Shannon, Thanks again!

    Yes absolutely the information is very helpful. If you have few minutes would you visit my website and advice.

    I want to have JA university template for it. Is it possible to have a discussion forums in JA university template, like in few other JA templates it is there, and what is difference between K2 blog and blog. which one is better or both needs to be used. I don’t see option for uploading files like pdf, excell, ppt etc. can we achieve it in ja uni and also can user post pictures or videos too?

    url of my site is

    Thanks for your time you are giving to me.


    tfosnom Friend

    when using JA University as a responsive web site you need all other components where possible to be responsive as well, discussion forums such as kunena are NOT yet responsive but looking at their web site they plan on having a responsive version soon – Link to Kunena here .

    A blog is just a online diary of daily events, it’s now become very fashionable to have a blog so many believe like social networking, links, likes and followers (Facebook, twitter, pinterest etc) are an essential part of your web presence.

    A K2 blog is much the same; but K2 being a Content Creation Kit (CCK) adds features for formatting text, images usually not found in Joomla before version 2.5. Many ppl are experienced in it’s use; they prefer to use it in conjuction with Joomla to produce unique layouts additional feature etc. I should state that it is NOT necessary to use K2 to achieve good layouts and it requires a lot of learning, advice and trial to master enough to be useful. Link to K2 home page here

    For users (members?) to upload files, videos etc you may wish to look at JomSocial, which is an unique Social Networking Community Extension that is a generally ‘closed community’ that is, very facebook like in appearance and function but generally members only restricted to your site. (for security reasons) Link To JomSocial Here

    I’ll stop now as I need to do my stuff and I don’t wish to overload you with way too much information. I suggest you visit these sites read about the product, their purpose and usage. Watch the demonstrations and see whether you really need them all, some or any to provide your clients with what they need and expect. It’s very easy to wish to add everything and find you don’t need forums, social communities etc after a lot of hard work, install configuring etc..

    Blessings Shannon

    eobioha Friend

    Speaking of AJ University. I also tried to install on my localhost, so i can edit and use for a demo, but after installing it the normal way i install other joomla templates, i couldn’t see the modle slide, and some other modules. the site isnt showing as on the demo on your website. Somebody help please. is there any different way to install AJ templates?

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