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    I’m trying to adjust the tabs coloring in a page. When I click on a tab, it appears back, as it is defined by _components.less.

    An even stranger thing, is that as soon as I do anythign else on the page this override stops functioning and correct color appears. Anything on the page, can be as simple as opening the inspector. I find it very confusing. I’m not clear why uncolpiled less files even loaded to the browser, and why they override custom.css. However, this (bug) happens each time I try in the same facion.

    Thanks for your advise.

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    pavit Moderator


    This is not a bug , T3 framework use less files when in development mode to allow you to load pages in a less time, when you completed your customizations in less files then you should compile less to css using dedicated button and you will have less files compiled to css files.

    If you want to work directly with css files then you need to disable the development mode from template configuration -> General Tab.

    I warmly recommend to read carefully T3 documentation HERE To learn how it works.


    esthoff Friend

    Thanks for the quick reply. Only, a far as I can see, there is no T3 in Ja-simpli. It is a framework free template… I tried to look around if I enabled development mode, but couldn’t find this option in the settings. Can you direct me to it?

    pavit Moderator


    I’m sorry for the confusion generated , i wrongly seen Ja_Purity_III instead of Ja_Simply

    Anyway you can use the custom.css to override your code it should work fine as you can see from images below.

    1. Screenshot-at-gen-11-21-00-53
    2. Screenshot-at-gen-11-21-01-40
    esthoff Friend

    Sorry, but the whole point is that it doesn’t work fine. It is in most cases, but as you can see in the screenshot, not in the tabs bg color. the less overrides it. (see original post)

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    pavit Moderator

    You can share as private reply a temp super user account to your backend so i can take a look at it directly.

    esthoff Friend
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    pavit Moderator

    Or wait until I have it online.

    I prefer to look at it on it’s final configuration so tests could have sense – testing it on my local could not be a good test.

    Let me know when you are ready.

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