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    What is JoomlArt Demo Builder?!

    The old Site Builder is history now. Our new JA Demo Builder is now faster, easier-to-use and more stable, running on Amazon clouds.

    For those of you still don’t know what is JA Demo Builder:

    It’s a JA way to help you clone our template demo with Admin access, so you can play around to see if it fits your need. In another way, it’s an intuitive way to test drive our templates.
    JA Demo Builder (direct URL):

    Why we build this?

    • I bet you don’t buy a car without test driving it. So, Play before Pay! It’s our way! 🙂 You’ll have full admin access to JA products before opening your pocket.
    • With full administrator access, users can configure and setting template and built-in extensions. Keep a demo handy to reference during development process.
    • Newcomer’s guide, when it comes to Joomla and JoomlArt products.

    JA Demo Builder – FAQs

    How long the site will be kept on your Server?
    Your demo will be available for 7 days.

    Why a week?
    We think 7-days is enough for test-driving our products.

    Can I download everything on the site I created and then move to my own server?
    Yes. We will help and send the data to you. But as the products files are encoded, it would be of no use.

    Why are the images are not the same as on your Demo?
    On our Demo we use commercial stock images which we are not allowed to distribute. You will eventually be replacing the demo data with your own data, so the demo images should not be considered important.

    Where can I have the support for Demo Builder?
    Please submit your questions on the forum JoomlArt Demo Builder.

    What’s included in the demo builder support?
    Any issue related to demo builder will be fully supported. Any product related technical query will be subjected to our Support Policy and since we offer premium support for our products only to paid members, a subscription is required for requesting such support.

    I like this template. How can i download it, or setup with my domain?
    JoomlArt is a Joomla Template Club, which means you can register as a paid member and download Joomla templates you desire. Detail is at the link here:

    Do they give me the console, FTP and other things?
    As of now, JoomlArt Demo Builder doesn’t support FTP access for users. You have admin access to the site, and also can do custom domain name.
    We think it’s comfortable for regular users.

    I want to update to a new version for Joomla/Magento, how can I do this?
    At the moment, our service doesn’t support manual update for Joomla/Magento. We try to keep things easy for the users, so we will automatically update the templates to the latest stable version.

    Where to test drive?
    Go to our Demo Sites or you can proceed directly at

    We are eager to hear your thoughts about this all new Demo builder system, we have been working hard on for the past few months to make life easier for everyone.

    uwefr Friend

    i tried to set up demo builder the second time now providing my email, and again i did not get an email with the admin access data. Checked spam folder of course.

    After my positive experience with purity ii over some years and trying purity iii with latest T3 i will most probably buy membership to switch my (slow!) gantry builds to T3.

    But before i just want to try out some things with the commercial template of yours i spotted.

    Yours, Uwe

    Anonymous Moderator

    Hi Uwe,

    Thanks for supporting us.
    Regarding to the email issue you have experienced earlier, We have to apologize for such inconveniences due to our email service issue which we are currently dealing with and hopefully get this issue resolved in the earliest time possible.

    Meanwhile, please provide us your email info @, and I’ll be sure to send you back Purity III’s demo built site for you to test drive.

    Again, we apologize for any inconveniences you may have had until this point.

    We look forward to your response. See you in the inbox!


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