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    I need to show articles by categories in an JoomlArt Advanced Custom Module in Ja-intranet as a Magazine CategoryListing.. is posible do it?.. I tried but it does not work ,, I do not know what position I have to use for JA-ACM in Ja-intranet, Does Ja-Intranet only support two types of JA-ACM modules? Alert and Statistics.?

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    Where did you copy that JA ACM Magazine CategoryListing from? If it’s JA Teline V template, you will need to customize much as in that module type, it uses some functions defined in file helper of JA Teline V template: root/templates/ja_teline_v/helper.php which help to retrieve content from selected category.


    imurillo Friend

    I took ACM Magazine CategoryListing From Ja-TelineV, ,.I sow helper.php , which functions I have to copy into ja-intranet/helper.php.
    who to customize the A ACM Magazine CategoryListing.. in JA-intranet?

    I my case the employess does not have access to social apps while are working that is no correct for us. ..but we need a galery images and videos and articles category listing for local news.

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    There are several classes you need to check, for example, you look for code like this:

    $categories = JATemplateHelper::loadCategories($catids);

    then you need to check the ‘loadCategories’ in helper.php file.

    The same with other classes.

    The style is another concern as this type of module comes with JA Teline V and JA Intranet has different style so you also must check that.

    This takes much time so if you’re not familiar with code, I recommend you to hire a developer to get it done for you.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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