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    This is default Joomla Regsitration menu.
    Open Menu > Main Menu > Add new menu > type > user > Regsitration form
    save and check.


    geosecret Friend

    Thank you Pankaj Sharma,
    but your answer doesn’t help
    i already did that and it seems it’s automatically redirected to the virtuemart registration form

    i’ve read some forums about that they explain it’s a new feature since joomla 3.8.x
    is it possible ?

    (whe you try with the php url, the redirection is on …)

    but the template of the page with the virtuemart registration form is ugly compare to the one on your site web, so take a look at it please and try to fix it for me

    there is also a second bug i noticed

    when you add some product in the card
    the product goes into the card that becomes blue
    if you click then into the popup on "continue shopping" button, the card becomes back empty
    please try it here to reproduce the bug :

    Thank you

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    On the page, i test add to cart
    There is no conti. shop button on site it asked user to login and checkout.
    And if I move to any menu i can see the item in cart

    For registration Joomla and VM registration are different in style, code and working, you may add some custom style on VM registration fields via a custom.css file.
    You can use firebug or inspect element to check style and apply the style on VM registration using custom.css This needs testing and debugging to apply custom styles.


    geosecret Friend


    i was disappointed by your answer,

    so i try to explain it better with pictures
    on my website as you see on screen shot
    the link "créer un compte" at the top right is pointing to this link :

    you can see the result is here :

    BUT on your demo template "create an account" which is using the same joomla registration form doesn’t look the same :

    and i want to have the same look than your "create an account" demo page

    it seems there is a automatic redirection from index.php?option=com_users&view=registration
    to the virtuemart registration form
    but i didn’t program it …

    so please can you help me ?

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Virtualmart has its own registration fields that is showing on your site.
    If you look in the demo here
    You can see its from VM as the extension needs different information from user like address, phone for the order.

    You can share the site login details in Private reply, I will login on admin and check the configurations.


    geosecret Friend
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    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    You have System – KC VM Registration Redirect plugin enabled that redirect the registration to VM registration page. I disable the plugin. But this issue seems from the Virtualmart component
    You can apply the solution given here on VM forum.
    I also suggest you to raise the issue on VM forum as there is no such option to remove redirection.


    geosecret Friend

    hello Panjak

    thanks for your help and just to let you know i also disabled a feature in a second plugin : VM Framework Loader during Plugin Updates, and now it works has i wanted to
    Go to the system plugin "VM Framework Loader during Plugin Updates", In the second tab, set redirect to No.

    thank you

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