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    Hello, I’ve purchased the license for JA Job Board. Now that I’ve installed on a dedicated 1.5.2 site, I’m thinking I misunderstood its purpose.
    My intended use: To have Job Board available to a single employer (ABC Company) who would like to post jobs solely related to positions available within the company. Potential applicants would be directed to this dedicated jobs site so that they could:

    • view open positions
    • Submit a resume
    • Check status of their application
    • Communicate with a manager

    ABC Company would be able to post and manage resumes from the front end with administrative login.

    What I am seeing: ABC company must administer everything from the back-end. Is this true? There’s no front-end management available with JA Job Board? I’m sure I’m not the only developer concerned about having their customer freely tool around the back end (as it were).
    I’m just looking for some tips.



    John Wesley Brett Moderator


    I wanted to apologize for the extreme delay in responding, and wanting to make sure you have found the information you needed.


    realtoast Friend

    John, thanks for asking.

    No, I did not get a response. It seems the answer to my question is now obvious: there’s no front-end administrative capability in JA Job Board.

    So, my new question is: will there ever be a front end admin ability with JA Job Board? Or, if not front end, some special view that allows User to login from the front end, get to the back end but see only the guts for JA Job Board?

    I just don’t want the lay user to be digging around the back end.

    My concern is, I haven’t been able to construct ACL so that the back end view is solely JA Job Board. No matter what the configuration, the lay customer is still given access to something that they could easily screw up, either by accident or random maliciousness.

    Any updates appreciated.


    John Wesley Brett Moderator

    Perhaps our Wiki on Managing Front End Users will be of help…

    Let us know if you need further.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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