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    first remove the JA T3v2 System Plugin for J3.x, version 2.7.2 as it is not used by template and site.
    This is an older framework and your template is based on latest T3.
    Kindly share site URL of the site so i can check the rendering issue on your site.


    oorzaak Friend
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    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Your site is loading fine, it seems your server bandwidth is too low as it’s not able to load normal Joomla site.
    You may need to increase the max execution time and memory limits.
    Here are some tips helps you to speed up Joomla site.


    oorzaak Friend


    Thanks for you reply. Unfortunately I cannot agree with you. I have access to the DirectAdmin Service Monitor on this server. Normally the monitor looks similar to screenshot 1. This is also the case when visiting the develop site using Safari/Mac or Chrome/Mac.

    It is only when visting this develop site using some other browsers, like FireFox/Mac of Chrome/Android that the monitor starts to look like screenshot 2. According to my hosting company, this is caused by processes that are not closed properly. I can reproduce this at any moment.

    I have about 40 live sites on this server and 10 develop sites. Several of them also have a T3 BS3 template, both on live sites and on develop sites. I never experienced this issue with these other sites. So I am quite convinced that this is not a server issue.

    The reason why I contacted you is the fact that this issue disappears as soon as I switch to a default Joomla template.

    Kind regards, Frits

    1. DirectAdmin_01
    2. DirectAdmin_02
    oorzaak Friend


    I finally found the solution. This site was copied from another site, then restyled, in the process of which we deleted nearly all images. In the template a reference was made to a logo that was no longer present. For some reason on some browsers the system kept looking for this logo, blocking all other processes while other browsers just gave up on it and went on with displaying the site.

    I’m glad that it’s solved now. Thanks for your support.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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