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    Is there a way to prevent slideshow from stripping the html tags out of an article? I need to include some styling like bold and unordered lists.

    pavit Moderator


    Try to disable your default editor from global configuration , in this way you can add your html code directly , after saved you can enable it again.

    mkraus61 Friend

    Thanks but I have already tried that. It’s not the editor that is stripping the tags, it’s slideshow.

    pavit Moderator

    could you share your website url and a temp super access to it ? you can answer as private reply to this post.

    mkraus61 Friend
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    mkraus61 Friend
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    pavit Moderator


    at this url there is an empty folder, maybe is it wrong ?

    mkraus61 Friend

    I have moved v3 to root

    pavit Moderator

    Account provided is wrong

    mkraus61 Friend


    pavit Moderator


    Your ja slideshow is taking content from articles , style for slides is defined into this file

    You can set your desired customizations changing values inside that file or use the style inside the article itself

    <p style="font-weight:700;">

    I added it at the article with id 96 and as you can see it is reflected correctly in the slideshow

    1. Screenshot-at-ott-06-19-47-28
    2. Screenshot-at-ott-06-19-46-37
    mkraus61 Friend

    Right, but it still strips the tags out. How do you include unordered lists?

    pavit Moderator

    How do you include unordered lists?

    You should apply css code to/templates/ja_rasite/css/mod_jaslideshow.css if you want to have custom styles for your ja slideshow styles.

    mkraus61 Friend

    I can’t apply a style to list tags if it strips the list tags from the article. How can I prevent the tags from being stripped?

    Ninja Lead Moderator

    Hi @mkraus61:
    Try to apply my solution on your site

    Open modules/mod_jaslideshow/tmpl/default_articles.php file find and change

    <?php echo $helper->trimString( strip_tags($item->introtext), $navDescmaxlength ); ?>


    <?php echo $helper->trimString($item->introtext, $navDescmaxlength ); ?>

    Let me know if it helps .

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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