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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for all the help so far. We have some problems in Internet Explorer, And it is very frustrating. In have posted something similar to this post in “General questions”, but I am also posting it here just in case there is something particular about JA Rutile, the Template I’m using.

    The website show better in IE 8 than in older versions. In the older versions the user gets kicked out of the site with the message “Joomla Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted”. That happens sometimes in 8.0 also, but after a little while. I wondered if it could have something to with the Google Analytics script I inserted in the Body tag, but I tried to remove it and it didn’t help.

    So, what could this be? I’m so confused.

    Also, in older versions of Explorer JA News and Ja News Frontpage isn’t appearing correctly. But it’s fine in 8.0. Is there something I can do to set whether the page is made primarily for 7.0 or 8.0. I believe I have read something about changing some attributes in the css, php og html….

    I’m sorry to keep going on about this, but it is very frustrating. Would be so thankful for any further help!

    The URL is:

    bennitos Friend

    I have tested you site with IE7 on two seperate computers i dont seem to have a problem here with your site.

    trak Friend

    Problem solved:)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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