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    Here is a three part question regarding the site:

    1. The horizontal menu bar at the top is getting a little crowded. Is there a way to remove items from there without removing them from the vertical menu on the left?

    2. The site seems VERY slow to load sometimes with the Purity template. However when I switch to another template, I have no problems with load time. Any suggestions on how to speed up Purity? I REALLY like it and it works well for us.

    3. Check out the Photo Gallery. It uses the zoom module and it does some funky stuff to the banners at the top.

    Thanks for making a great template! Keep up the good work.


    jbratt1 Friend

    Still looking for help….

    jbratt1 Friend

    Still looking for help. DIdnt think I was asking for anything tough…:( sorry

    desdevlover Friend

    1. You need set the horizental menu bar to other than “mainmenu” (“othermenu” etc.) in ja_vars.php or index.php if my memory serves me right. Then you need creat some menu items in “othermenu”, publish Other Menu in Modules section. Vertical menu items still displaying in the Main Menu module on the left.

    2. Fast load here. But you can also try this:

    3. Did you try other gallery component.

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    Moved thread. Posted to notify users.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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