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  • Menalto Friend

    I have problems to use ja-newsflash?
    Read on here:

    This doenst look good:((
    I need to setup the module.

    Hmm,how does this look now?

    Well its alot better than before, just tweak the settings as shown on the second picture and you hopefully get rid of your problems.

    arteimagemdesign Friend

    at last. thks for this.

    Menalto Friend

    No problems, i havent read the installation guide, but this should be mentioned there, if not they should add it

    arteimagemdesign Friend

    im sorry but now it gives me another error…

    this happens few seconds after site is open

    Menalto Friend

    I dont get any errors at all?And everything seems to work fine on your site

    arteimagemdesign Friend

    for some reason IE was giving me that errors…

    plz take a look at I have just one Item Newsflash, it starts ok but then repeats with errors in text… I’ve tested on several machines, IE and Firefox.

    oflorin Friend

    HOW DO I CHANGE THE Background color of the JA NEwsflash module. Links in blue are unreadable on the gray. Gracias.

    dsmj Friend

    NEVERMIND – ITS USER 5 for JA Newsflash

    i cannot find guidance for the module location to assign to JA Newsflash for mageia – nor can i find an install guide with the top left as a module area… – maybe i need more coffee….

    lgbtnation Friend

    I changed mind to 200, for the height! 🙂

    mevans1234 Friend

    I can’t upload modules or templates in Joomla 1.5…. error message each time I try. I’ve had to upload templates via ftp to get JA stuff to work, am not sure how or where to ftp janewsflash… and what the folder needs to be named… etc…

    mevans1234 Friend

    How do I remove user B completely so image fills entire horizontal page?


    mevans1234 Friend

    Never mind… It’s working now.

    dfernanda Friend

    <em>@oflorin 24450 wrote:</em><blockquote>HOW DO I CHANGE THE Background color of the JA NEwsflash module. Links in blue are unreadable on the gray. Gracias.</blockquote>
    Did you ever find out how to change the color? I am having the same problem.



    kdavid5350 Friend

    Did you get this to work. I’m using Joomla 1.5, Ja Mageia 1.5 and am trying to install the Ja Newsflash 1.5 . My ISP says that Joomla is not recoginizing the xml file. Any advice or direction would be most helpful.

    sskarli Friend

    How did you remove it?
    I also want to try this.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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