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    Hi, I created a menu and I put the module in the “left” position, but the menu is displaying on the right hand side. I’d like the menu on the left hand side. Can anyone help? It is on the same page as an iframe wrapper.

    Thank you!


    himangi Friend


    Your site is offline, can you please provide site admin access?

    umaballa Friend

    It’s still a valid question and I want to know as well, float left doesn’t seem to work. maybe left:-XXX would work?

    himangi Friend


    Sorry for the delay!

    In Ja Methys, the left position is defined on right side of main content area and on the left side of right position. That is why you see the modules published in Left position on right side..

    To change this,

    1. Please go to joomla admin > Extensions > Template Manager > Ja methys.
    2. In Layouts tab in right column you will see a Default layout.
    3. Click on the Edit link infront of Default layout and find <blockquote><block name=”inset2″>left</block></blockquote> code. Change it to <blockquote><block name=”inset1″>left</block></blockquote>.
    4. Save the layout, save the template and that should solve your problem..
    umaballa Friend

    Thank you Himangi, that one less bit of CSS i have to ad to the template :>)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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