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    I’m upgrading a site from 1.0 to 1.5, and have run into some problems I can’t figure out and can’t find solutions to.

    First some background: I have installed a fresh 1.5 version and ran the migration script to get the data. I then downloaded the latest JA Mageia for Joomla 1.5 and installed it. Then…

    1. User 5 module – JA News.

    This module installed fine and I have activated it as in the old site. However nothing shows up. I know the module loads because if I “show title” then I can see it. But no content. And yes, I have checked, the content/categories is set correctly

    2. Trans menu doesn’t work.

    I have set it to trans-menu in the template but on the frontpage it doesn’t work. No dropdowns. It works for other menu options, but I really need the functionality of the old site.

    3. Search doesn’t work in Chrome

    This may be a template issue and not an install issue. Not sure.

    Any help would be most appreciated!


    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    1. Are you running legacy mode on and the same old template from 1.0 ?

    2. Are you running latest Mageia for J 1.5?

    Make sure you are running the latest versions of all the extensions and template.

    Though its an Non JA question, confirm the above first and pass on the admin login. I would like to have a look.


    njonow Friend

    Hi Arvind,

    1. I’m not running legacy mode.

    2. I am running the latest version of Mageia, downloaded just days ago.

    Dev. site here:

    Archived site here:

    I’ll PM you the login…

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Ok. Got the login details. I will look into it tomorrow. Its over midnight now here.



    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Turned off the MooTools upgrade plugin and JA Newsflash is working. Not sure whats wrong with the transmenu, there are some javascript errors. Crosschecked demo site, but it works in there.

    May be you can try to use other menu type?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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