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  • kalos Friend

    what do i have to change in index.php to change the default menu for this theme?

    John Wesley Brett Moderator

    I’m not sure what you are meaning.

    Are you wanting to place a different menu in a different position? Or are you wanting to change the style of the menu (i.e. splitmenu, dropdown, moomenu, etc.)?

    Either way…you won’t be changing anything in index.php.

    kalos Friend

    the theme automatically uses the joomla default menu.

    this is a sub-section of the main site, and I want it to use a different menu as it’s default menu.

    John Wesley Brett Moderator

    If I’m reading you right:

    You want to use one style of menu across the top on the main page…but when you click to another area of the site, you want a different menu to appear in that same spot at the top. Is that correct?

    If so…you need to first create the new menu in ADMINISTRATOR > Menus

    Then create a new MODULE for that MENU: EXTENTIONS > MODULE MANAGER > NEW > MENU

    Then you simply select the new menu you created earlier under the “MODULE PARAMETERS” dropdown menu and set the POSITION and select the pages you want it to appear on.

    You need to make sure that other Menus aren’t in conflict…meaning there are no pages where two menus are competing for the same position.

    Good luck.

    scotty Friend

    You set the default menu (and ‘home’ link) in the menu manager.

    kalos Friend

    OK, the problem with just using the menu module “Use on selected pages…” is that then I need to update the ACTUAL main menu for the rest of the site to also use on “selected pages”, excluding this one page… which means that I’ll have to check EVERYTIME when I create something new to see that the site’s default menu is functioning.

    I’m using KONIGA for a sub-site WITHIN my main site, and for all practical purposes, it should like like a seperate site. I’ve achieved this with other JA templates before, because in their configuration it has an option to specify which menu is the default menu for the template (no need to add it per page)

    That’s what I’m wanting to do…. so what line of code do I have to modify to have the template automatically assume a certain menu is the default?

    scotty Friend

    You can set the default menu for your site in your menu manager (it’ll be the one with the little star beside it) and you can assign which menu is shown in your horizontal (main) menu in your template manager.

    kalos Friend


    That won’t work for me – I already have a default menu for my ENTIRE site, this template is only a sub-section of that site.

    scotty Friend

    Ahh now I know what you mean.

    You want to show a different menu (ie. not the default menu) in the horizontal menu when on the Koniga pages?

    Open templates/ja_koniga/ja_XXXmenu.php where XXX is the menu type you are using and find the line…

    [php]$japarams->set( ‘menutype’, ‘mainmenu’ );[/php]and change mainmenu to the menu you want to use. You’ll get the system name of your menus by going to the Menu Manager and looking at the ‘type’ column.

    kalos Friend

    Thanks! I will give that a try!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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