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  • kallan Friend

    The menu type is:
    Articles » Category / Blog

    The example shows how the image is above the text.
    I want the image to be shown to the left of the text.

    How do I achieve this?

    I have already changed
    && ($image1 = JA_Tools::processImage ( $params[‘src’], $width, $height ))) {


    && ($image1 = JA_Tools::processImage ( $params[‘src’], $width, $height, 0 ))) {


    1. example
    questbg Friend

    Hi Kate

    Did you paste your article text from elsewhere? Could be some code hidden in there to cause the problem.

    Open the article in the article editor, click HTML and see if there’s any ‘strange’ bits of code between the image and the text … <DIV> for example, and remove them.

    By the way, I’ve taken to having a notepad by my bed for the 02.00 brainwaves … otherwise, if I don’t write them down I wake up knowing I had a gem of an idea, but can never remember it!


    kallan Friend

    hehe good idea on the notepad.

    Nope it wasn’t pasted in from anywhere.
    I have tried all sorts of combination of floats and clears and nothing etc but no luck.
    I believe it has to do with the fact that JA_Opal has its own template pages for the different menu layouts.

    This is fine but there really needs to be an option somewhere to turn it off for a particular menu
    (i’m hoping there is but I just haven’t seen it yet!!!

    Any other ideas?

    ddrinkal Friend

    Has anyone got advice .. .I have the same issue. Don;t want to use janews on this site … just want a normal blog layout with images left / right in line. Not above title!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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