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  • timtecsa Friend

    I think it might be best to download the quickstart file, extract it to your PC and using FTP, replace the entire helper.php file. It’s less than 30KB 🙂

    john patrikiadis Friend

    i am sorry but i don;t know how to do this. i now realized that i lost the main background image as well and the site doesn’t display anything.

    timtecsa Friend

    Can you contact me on Skype ?

    john patrikiadis Friend

    yes. Tell me your details. If you want to find me is yiannis.patrikiadis

    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi John,

    It may due to the different PHP version, which PHP version are you using? so I will try to replicate issue.

    timtecsa Friend

    Hi Saguaros,

    PHP Version is 7.0.26


    7.0.26 seems to be same as in latest quickstart.
    I fixed the first PHP error related to the helper.php file with help from Roberto.
    The next PHP error came from the ja Bookmark plugin which I simply unpublished to "fix" problem..

    However, when trying to clear cache on back end it take several attempts which doesn’t feel right.

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    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi Tim,

    Kindly share the solution here so if others face the same issue, it’ll be so helpful.

    Thank you!

    timtecsa Friend

    I don’t think I fixed it. I have installed a fresh version from quickstart and soon found a problem of homepage template style corruption, I think.

    I can’t get any modules between slideshow and navhelper positions to load.

    However, I don’t get any of the previous PHP error messages. BTW: I imported content from the original site using j2xml.


    UPDATE: I reinstalled the nuevo template and can load homepage modules now. No idea why it got corrupted.

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    timtecsa Friend

    This is the edit to fix the first PHP issue. See image below.
    You just edit the line (816 or thereabouts) in modules/mod_jaslideshowlite/helpers/helper.php which says

    function JAStack() 



    1. helperphp
Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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