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    I download JA T3 Blank template and I’m testing it. I want to save some modification in backend, but the Apply button not works. I think that maybe I need to do a previous action but I don’t find any related topic.

    Many thanks!

    turminator Friend


    I am continue trying to solve it and don’t foind any solution. I put right to 777 for params.ini file but continues without working.

    This is my domain testing.

    Can someone help me?

    Many thanks!

    Phill Moderator

    What do you mean the “apply button not works”? Does it not do anything or does it seem to work but when you view your page nothing has changed.

    If it is the latter then you probably need to cleary your JAT3 cahce, your browser cache and possibly your cookies.

    turminator Friend

    Hi phill luckhurst,

    Yes, when I push apply button not happens anything. Only works close button. And can save any modification template.

    I try to clear cache T3 and repeat process with Firefox and Internet Explorer but it happens same.

    If you want I can send you a accounts details access.

    Many thanks for your support.

    turminator Friend

    When I pass mouse over “Apply” button it shows this link:

    But when I click, only moves page at Top. Later if I re-enter in configuration template I look default settings.

    Many thanks!

    kobenes Friend

    This can be caused if there some missing folders or files while you uploaded the template… So you can try to reupload Joomla’s (without installation folder) and template’s (template, JAT3 plugin ect.) core files.

    But if you never have this problem before and if this problem suddenly occured, I think you should remember what extensions (especially plugins) you installed. Because sometimes some plugins cause conflicts. For instance, last day I have same problem with K2 component when I installed simple image gallery plugin.


    turminator Friend

    Hi kobenes,

    Thanks for your support. I reupload all Joomla files (without installation folder) but the problem persists. I haven’t installed any plugin or component. I’m working with a clean joomla installation.

    korb Friend


    Reading your posts and trying to track the issue. First suggestions:
    1. When you are changing something in the layout or profile settings, make sure you have development mode ON and also disable compression features.
    2. You said you already checked write permissions for your template folder… In some cases, if you don’t use FTP for installing extensions, these are using apache user settings, so nothing have write access to those resources. Make sure you provide FTP account in Joomla! configuration.
    3. Make sure your system provide proper support for the requirements of the framework.
    T3 Framework inherits Joomla! recommended requirements. Please read here:


    turminator Friend

    I follow all steps but problem persists. Many thanks!

    Khanh Le Moderator

    Do you use the latest version of T3 Framework ? Please update the Plugin, template and make a test again.

    The problem should be specific for your system. Please provide me your system access (joomla admin, ftp) through PM and I will make a check.

    pixelzombie Friend

    Try to disable the cache mode. That works for me.

    turminator Friend

    Now works correctly.The problem is a bug with Joomlart system pluggin and FTP account.

    Many thanks!

    scubastevejh Friend

    <em>@turminator 210062 wrote:</em><blockquote>Now works correctly.The problem is a bug with Joomlart system pluggin and FTP account.

    Many thanks!</blockquote>

    Whats the fix?

    turminator Friend

    I update JAT3 plugin for last version and now works perfectly.

    voices2012 Friend

    hi there,

    I have followed the solutions you give in this thread with no success. It is important that I solve this as soon as possible. Thanks a lot

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