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  • Hung Dinh Friend
    How to install Community Builder – FireBoard and get them to work together


    After extracting cb_1_1_0, you need to install 1 component package ( and 3 modules package (,, Now we will go to install them.

    • Go to Joomla admin panel >> Extensions >> Install/Uninstall
    • Choose Browse to choose file

    • Choose Upload File & Install, then you will get an succcessful notice.


    After extracting zip file, you will see component package Go to Joomla admin panel and install it.


    1. CB Login Module (

    Go to Admin panel >> Extensions >> Module Manager >> CB Login to go to configuration page. You can configure as you wish. For example like below:

    2. CB Workflows Module (

    Go to Admin panel >> Extensions >> Module Manager >> CB Workflows to go to configuration page. You can configure as you wish. For example like below:

    3. CB Online Module (

    Go to Admin panel >> Extensions >> Module Manager >> CB Online to go to configuration page. You can configure as you wish. For example like below:

    4. Community Builder Component (

    Go to Admin panel >> Component >> Community Builder >> Plugin Management to configure Community Builder to work with FireBoard.

    From Plugin manager panel, choose Simpleboard Forum. Set “Forum component” parameter is Fireboard from as belows:

    Remember to publish this plugin.


    Go to Admin panel >> Components >> FireBoard Forum

    Choose FireBoard Configuration >> Integration to configure FireBoard to work with Community Builder.

    From dropdown list, choose Community Builder for “Use avatar picture from” and “Profile” parameters and set “Community Builder user profiles” parameter is Yes

    salsaci Friend

    1. How do you configure CB login to look the same way as JA-Login? and why did you use the joomla login instead of CB login for your quick install? I have people registering but not appearing on the members list…

    2. I enabled CB login like you mention above but I had login errors. continously. stating incorrect username or password.. while I could still login using JA-login. even after I have synchronised users.
    Help me out I cant enable my site for production use and I am behind schedule!!

    mj1256 Friend

    because there is more to all of this then he wrote

    You have to disable the joomla login and use the cb login, you can change the styling is the css and code, if you do not know how, you can hire someone. You can place the cb login module in another position for now and leave blank the top area where the WRONG login module is

    You need to go to the backend admin of community builder and sync your users with cb,
    components/communitybuilder/tools click sync users

    you need to go to components/communitybuilder/configuration/registration and for the first field. Allow User Registration set to yes, independently of global site setting

    you need to go to site/globalconfiguration/system/ Allow User Registration set to NO.

    now install fireboard
    then in fireboard configuration. go to integration and set all the cb settings as shown , also, make sure you click on “Create Community Builder forum profile “

    (note: i had uddeIM installed, set that for what ever PMS you installed. Do not use the CB default PMS, it has been deprecated)

    and then you need to go to fireboard control panel and click on syncronize users.

    Now you still have another issue, at the top of the forum you will still have login, register, lost password, those are most likely pointing to the cb user and not cb comprofiler, so you users will be out of sync if they use this to register for your site, and you also would want for the user to not have to reregister just to use the…. this has to be removed. So doing thes step will unify the lohin for the forum and cb.

    You can use joomlaXplorer or your hosting control panel or just your ftp program.

    navigate to

    make a backup of the file and save it someplace in case this gets screwed up you can restore.

    open it in a raw text editor. like notepad, i use textpad as it has line numbers
    around line 189 you will see

    <br/> <?php echo _PROFILEBOX_PLEASE; ?>

    <a href = "<?php echo $loginlink;?>"><?php echo _PROFILEBOX_LOGIN; ?></a> <?php echo _PROFILEBOX_OR; ?> <a href = "<?php echo $registerlink;?>"><?php echo _PROFILEBOX_REGISTER; ?></a>.


    <a href = "<?php echo $lostpasslink;?>"><?php echo _PROFILEBOX_LOST_PASSWORD; ?></a>

    delete it and save the file

    I replaced it with this line of text
    You Must Be Registered To Post On The Forum

    then save and look at your forum as an unregistered user and the registration/login and password line of links should be gone.

    if it does not look right, restore from the back up and try agin

    You MUST do this or anyone registering from the forum and not the cb login will be out of sync.

    if you search the fireboard forums, you will find all of this information there.

    now you need to get the fireboard cb plugin tab, unfortunately, the one described in hungs post does not work with the latest version of cb and fireboard. there are several to choose from in the joomla extensions directory.

    yamemaru Friend


    So it’s not possible to have it look like the default top login form?

    wooohanetworks Friend

    How can we remove the tab “Community” in Community Builder profile pages of users safely from the system? I do not see the need to pay for a subscription with just to get some PDF document that tells me then how to do it when I have here a template that includes this component.


    mj1256 Friend

    sorry about the delayed reply, I’ve been busy.

    you need to find a cb horizontal login module, there are several joomla extensions

    I have discussed the cb login issue with several members of thier team and i have gotten no where. I think is a culture issue. They have no issue with having multiple logins on one site. But from my perspective and for the USA, one unified login for the whole site and all of its functions is the way to go.

    wooohanetworks Friend

    You do not have to use CB Login, you can use the normal login, any login, you simply have to change a few lines in the modules php to route it on com_comprofiler, I do this with any login there is, simple thing.

    When you like this idea, I will post you how to.


    yamemaru Friend

    that would be great. I don’t like having 2 different logins to my website…1 to the site, and 1 to CB…it’s not the way to go.

    myolay21 Friend

    Could you please update installation guide for the new Community builder 1.2.1 with Kunena1.5.4? The quick start installation is very useless now 🙁

    scream112 Friend

    Yes please get this done! Im new to joomla, and used the quick-start deal, but **** that have given me so much headache now Im going to reinstall my site and get the latest versions, and for me being a newb at this, its a steep learning curve atm, though Im happy to be learning, but couldnt you at least update it?

    Makis77 Friend

    Hi, this is a great template, however I haven’t manage to install Kunena on it.
    Could you please provide us with a guide, or update the quickstart zip, because I have tried so much but I haven’t manage to install it. I get a white screen after the installation. Kunena works fine with other templates I installed. I have uninstalled FB & CB, bui still I cannot get it to work.
    Also I have posted an to this thread: but nobody responded.
    Please help! :((

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Dear Makis77,

    You install kunena on Joomla, not on the template. installation of component is from the joomla backend, how can the template be responsible for a component installation?

    This is template support forum, It would be difficult to support you for 3rd party extension installation. However, Please forward me your FTP and Joomla Admin Access and i shall try to help you out.


    Makis77 Friend

    Here are the complete instructions!
    1. I upgraded the CB to the latest version 1.2.2
    2. I migrated FB to Kunena
    3. Because Community Builder Profile integration only works if Community Builder is in W3C XHTML 1.0 Trans. compliance mode, I did the following. I went to Components / Community Builder / Configuration / User Profile. I found this legacy setting from there. I Set it to “yes”
    Saying “No” breaks all JavaScript in Kunena.

    How to upgrade CB to the latest version 1.2.2:
    1) Install new CB component from your CB 1.2.2 distribution package.
    There is no need to previously unistall component – code will upgrade
    2) Install new CB Login module from your CB 1.2.2 distribution package.
    3) Install new CB Workflow module from your CB 1.2.2 distibution package.
    4) Install new CB Online module from your CB 1.2.2 distribution package.
    5) Run CB Tool checks on CB database.

    How to Migrate from FB to Kunena:
    1. Using the Joomla installer, uninstall FireBoard. Your data will remain intact (trying this with FB <1.0.3 will cause lost of all attachments and avatars!).
    2. Using the Joomla installer, install Kunena, by entering the URL into the URL field in the installer (recommended), or optionally, uploading the component package file
    3. Using the Joomla administrator, find your Menu item(s) for FireBoard, and use “Change Type” to change them to Kunena

    I hope that it will help.

    Maybe it’s a good idea to put it to the installation instructions. 😀

    mayke Friend


    Did JA have sample installation for Sanidine and Kunena?
    is anyone have tried from the scratch, install joomla, install kunena, install cb without problem?
    Any information would be appreciate.


    uniquebiz Friend


    Did JA have sample installation for Sanidine and Kunena?
    is anyone have tried from the scratch, install joomla, install kunena, install cb without problem?
    Any information would be appreciate.


    I installed the latest version of sandinine II and just followed an upgrade path described similarly in this thread, worked well for me without too much time and effort and retained the sample data to work with.

    Probably easier than from scratch
    Cheers Shannon

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