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    hi, in home page i published a tab module in parallax position, obviously the borde box is set on the width of the module, is it possible make just the border top of the module 100% width?
    the module body is ok with this width..
    in the following picture i show you what i mean..

    tnx for your help

    1. screen03
    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    Sorry, you can do this because the parent container size is not 100% width.
    But you can try this tweak in custom.css file

    #page-173 .container {width:100%;}
    #page-173 .gkTabsContainer {max-width:1020px;margin: 0 auto;}

    Hope it helps.

    urmonmax Friend

    tnx for your answer… now the line is full width but the tabs are not in the center but in the left side, how can i set them in the center?..

    i show u in the following immage

    1. screen02-2
    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    The module is 3rd party extension and using its own style for this. I suggest you to ask the question to the extension provider for this, because i am not sure applying changes may also effect other style of this module.

    urmonmax Friend

    ok tnx, for your help

    Pankaj Sharma Moderator

    You are welcome!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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