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  • joof Friend

    I think this is a generic question even though I’m using the JA_Opal template. I want to change the “Register to Read More” phrase to “Log In to Read More” so as not to confuse my visitors with registering for the event featured on the website. Where can I find the text “Register to Read More” that appears as a Read More link when the article Access Level is set to Registered.

    Within the Language folder, in the en-GB folder, is a file called
    Line 24 originally read
    “REGISTER TO READ MORE=Register to Read More”
    and I changed it to read
    “REGISTER TO READ MORE=Login to Read More”
    However, nothing changed on the site. The link still reads “Register to Read More”.

    Is it more complicated than changing a line of text? Did I change the code incorrectly?
    Is there another file somewhere to change also?

    kallan Friend

    Is this for a particular module? Or for all content items?


    joof Friend

    For all the content items.

    kallan Friend

    You need to look in /language/yourlanguagefolder(en-GB for me)/en-GB.com_content.ini

    the one you were looking in is for the newsflash module.


    joof Friend

    <em>@kallan 136124 wrote:</em><blockquote>You need to look in /language/yourlanguagefolder(en-GB for me)/en-GB.com_content.ini

    the one you were looking in is for the newsflash module.


    Yes. That worked! Thank you.
    Line 81 changed
    REGISTER TO READ MORE…=Register to read more…
    REGISTER TO READ MORE…=Login/Create Account to read more…

    vb_zu Friend

    Hi, my site is I’ve installed Community builder too.

    i’ve set the content access to registered, and enabled “Show Unauthorised Links”.

    but i see the “Register to read more” which is linked to joomla ‘s registration page.

    But i need to be linked to Community Builder’s registration page.

    Example: ”

    Please help me…

    Thanks in advace.

    fernando123 Friend

    First you have the url of the community builder registration form ( You can do this by assigning the login url of community builder in menu and get the url ) and go to the com_content folder in component and find the files that and change the url with the community builder login url

    sodsy Friend

    If i want for a particular section

    which extension can help me

    community builder?

    vb_zu Friend

    you need to install the plugin “login to read full article” link. and open the plugin and copy the login url and enable the plugin. thats it..

    sodsy Friend

    oh Thank you vb_zu

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