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  • tkivio Friend


    How to EDIT or REPLACE the JA Corona logo that is on the top left corner at

    It reads: 2008 JA Template JA CORONA

    Thank you for your help.


    jsliao Friend
    #293763 is a transparent file with the words

    make your own logo of the same size, 185×70, or smaller, name as logo.png and upload to your


    overwrite the existing logo.png

    backup a copy of the old logo if u need to restore it

    tkivio Friend

    Hi jsliao,

    Your advise looks really straight-forward…I just have problems understanding what a transparent file is in practical terms.

    Please bare with my “basic-ness” here, but also have problems locating the file – and I’d need to find it to back up the original. Where is it exactly?

    Thank you.


    anisjolly Friend

    Hi tkivio

    A transparent file is simply an image without a background colour to it (this includes white).

    the only two formats that support a transparent background are .gif and .png (with most using the png to get the best out of their images – due to it’s quality).

    If you open the Corona logo in photoshop – you’ll see the dimensions of the image is more or less it being a rectangle but when you see the image on screen it’s not a rectangle – it’s just the logo (being transparent).

    hope I’ve not confused you.

    to create a transparent file, just open up photoshop and where you create the new file, where it states background as an option, select transparent (it’s automatically set to white).

    I could tell you another way to do this but I don’t want to confuse you anymore.

    Hope this helps.


    tkivio Friend

    Hi anisjolly,

    Thank you for the explanation. It certainly clarified what a transparent file is.

    Do you know how I could find the logo file? Do you do logo work?



    anisjolly Friend

    hey tkivio

    you can find the logo in the templates/ja_corona/images folder

    Yes, we do help out with logos but we don’t provide specialist services for them. you can request your logo in this section here:

    I’d recommend installing Firebug

    This tool will help you locate images, amend your website on the fly to see what it would look like if you made css / html changes without actually making the changes to the site. however, it only works in Firefox.

    Great tool and it’s easy to use.

    tkivio Friend

    Hi anisjolly!

    I have to make sure we are talking about the same thing.

    I am trying to find the file at templates/ja_corona/images folder by using the following path: extensions > template manager > ja corona but that doesn’t lead me anywhere.

    Is this what you meant?

    I will look into the firebug and logo suggestions. Both sound great.

    Thank you.


    anisjolly Friend

    sorry tkivio

    you can’t access your logo from within the joomla backend.

    as the logo is a file, you would need to access it using an ftp program. however, install this:

    install eXtplorer (not joomlaXplorer) and you will have a full ftp system in your joomla backend.

    once installed, select it from the components menu and then follow the route to the file and you will be able to download it using the down arrow in the panel and make your amendments to it.


    ShannonN Friend

    tkivio;115031Hi anisjolly,

    Thank you for the explanation. It certainly clarified what a transparent file is.

    Do you know how I could find the logo file? Do you do logo work?



    The logo is in the corona source files PM me and give me your requirements and I’ll do it for you
    Cheers ShannonN

    tkivio Friend

    Hi anisjolly,

    I installed extplorer, it is active, yet choosing it from the component menu produces the following pop-up:

    The ExtJS Library could not be found.
    Please make sure that eXtplorer has been fully installed
    and the file “fetchscript.php” in the
    extplorer directory is not chmodded to 777
    (so chmod to 644 or 666)

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.


    anisjolly Friend

    pm me a login and i’ll take a look for you.

    georgeyou Friend


    I downloaded the extplorer and can’t find the logo.png anywhere. How do I find it through the eXtplorer?


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