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    thanks for providing such very beautiful Template,
    I have installed Demo, I have following requirement for my site
    1>i want language Switcher
    2> K2 content
    3>can i use demo build(which installed ) for my website

    wingly Friend

    If you create the demo on Joomla you will not be able to install extensions such as K2 as far as i know. Demo is created to see how the back-end works of the template provided. And i i am not sure for how much the demo is available and i would not use it as a website, especially it will have a huge funny link and no search engines would work with it 🙂

    For the first question see the instructions as it’s a bit tricky to add more language and display them correctly below:

    1. Go to Extensions -> Module Manager and create a new module and choose it as language Switcher

    2. Give it a name, Choose the position of your template for the language-switcher (I ahve the case of Purity III)

    3. Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager and enter the word “lang” in the search field press enter and you will see these 2 plugins.

    4. Activate the both plugins

    1. step1
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    3. 3
    4. 4
    5. 5
    wingly Friend

    4 . And the second one

    5. Go to extensions – Language manager and Choose install Language[ ATTACH=CONFIG]35345

    6. Search for the languages you want and install them I made the example with french language

    7. Go to language manager -> Content

    9. Create a New Language content

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    3. 6
    4. 9
    5. 10
    wingly Friend

    10. This is how you set up a language content, do the same for any other language

    11. You need to create new Main Menu for the each of the language!

    12. This is how i would do it so that to be clear each menu for what language is created and for the English

    13. Now you will have 2 languages English and French! if you follow my steps. Note even though you have already a menu and it’s in English you still need to create another one too much to explain why, but this is how it’s works!

    1. 11
    2. 12
    3. 13
    4. 14
    5. 15
    wingly Friend

    14. Create an article for each language and Set the corresponding Language of the article. Here is example for french

    15. Go to the main menu of one of the languages and Create a Menu Item! Assign it to the corresponding Article and save and close the menu item and then Press on the WHITE STAR to make this menu item the default of the current language. Do it the same for the second language

    And your language switcher will appear! With both working languages and flags!

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