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    How do I prevent Spammers from registering on my site using Teline II template? I would like to keep my current login module but somehow incorporate captcha when they register on my Home Page.Just something easy and simple.

    Perhaps JA has an updated login module for this template. Everyday I see someone that is listed in my User Manager as “spam” register through my login.

    Thanks for any help. Again, I would like to keep my current login w/highslide but just add captha, thanks!

    Manos Moderator
    gjensen Friend

    Ok I installed the extension,now how do I get the captcha to show up inthe log in highslide box?

    Manos Moderator

    If you have enabled the compo then it should work without any other problem.

    I have it here >

    gjensen Friend

    I enabled and configured it, got the keys that are required…. still does not show up on the login which a JA Highslide at top of page. any ideas?

    Nguyen Hong Friend

    Hi gjensen,

    To replace the JA Highslide popup with the new registration page, please replace the file:


    by file “default.php” I’ve attached below.

    gjensen Friend

    You are awesome!

    didima Friend

    works realy good

    sbaldwin Friend

    THANKS everyone!
    Hi Hongnt1,
    Would I just need to replace the zip file you sent, or do I also need to follow the steps that pascm outlined first?

    Thanks again

    sbaldwin Friend

    For some reason mine doesn’t work. When someone clicks on the “Create A New Account” the page now shows as 404-Componet Not Found.

    All I did is replace the file I had with this new zipped one. Should I have taken addtional steps? Thanks!

    sbaldwin Friend

    Hi Hongnt1,
    Could you re-attach the File again? I just tried to download it and there is no attachment. Will this file put a captha into the highslide login? Thanks!

    cgc0202 Friend

    <em>@pascm 178997 wrote:</em><blockquote>I suggest that you install this

    It’s easy and secure!</blockquote>


    I looked at the specifications of the extension. Can someone clarify the following:

    1. Does the extension have a way to confirm that the email address is indeed that of the person registering? This will require an automated letter sent to the email address used that the registrant must reply to, to validate the registrant owning the email address. This is critical because an email address can be valid but not owned by the registrant. Some spam registrants even used the published email address of site itself.
    2. Does it have the added security of the “Master Admin” approving the registration — once all other requirements have been satisfied, including a valid email address from the registrant — before a registered user can actually be confirmed as “officially registered” and finally login.

    Both are features of the Community Builder registration form (including Captcha) and some other features listed in the cited extension. The CB registration however does not have some features cited in the extension.


    Manos Moderator


    1. Yes the extension uses joomla email functions to send an email with a “link” that the user and owner of the email has to follow to verify the email
    2. You can always approve a user through joomla users managment!

    Hope that helps you although my english are not quite good so i could explain better.

    Sherlock Friend

    Hi sbaldwin,

    Please kindly let me know in details your issues,Could you please posting your url in here ?

    sbaldwin Friend

    I replaced my default.php with the one that HHongnt1 gave us in a previous thread on this forum. After replacing the file the lgoin no longer works for me but has apparently worked for othere on the forum who installed the replacement default.php file.

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