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    Yes, How can I can change the size of the white area on the front page?
    This is what I want to do:
    This is the temporal site:
    If you see the footer image, the white area is over the image; then, I want to move the footer bottom or move the white area up, I mean, I want to see the image but I don´t want to change the image size to do that. I hope you understand what I want.


    jdponce Friend

    Yes, I’m asking because I would like to know if my question is too silly for technical support, al least somebody must tell me that, but if I ask a question, this means I’m working right now in template and is very important to me get the answer. I know, the answer not will be so quickly because the forum, I mean, this is not a chat, but have to be so slow?.
    What a shame!, this is the last time I pay this membership. >:(

    Sherlock Friend

    That because you fixed your background:laputa.css (line 122)(templates/ja_koniga/css/colors/)

    #ja-wrapper2 {
    background:transparent url(../../images/laputa/body-bot.jpg) no-repeat scroll center bottom;

    I think you should edit that background as you want

    jdponce Friend

    Hum… I didn’t fix the laputa.css file, the only thing I did was: I replaced the background images with the same dimension and dpi like the original ones.
    I want to show the cups in footer, moving the white area up, how can I do that?, please help me with this.

    Sherlock Friend

    You can change template_css.css (line 1087)

    #ja-footerwrap {
    padding:30px 0;--> change 30px as you want

    Also you can add “height: 130px”, change 130px as you want

    jdponce Friend

    Is done! thanks

    Sherlock Friend

    Can i mark this topic is colved ?

    jdponce Friend

    Is already marked as “Solved” 🙂 and I gave thanks too.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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