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    Hello JA-Team,

    i found some problems with responsive Hotspot. Maybe you can help me please 🙂
    My mobile phone is a sony xperia z with android 4.3 [Update: Browser Google Chrome 32.0.1700.99]:
    1. If i touch on an marker, the marker disappears and pointer text is not visible.
    2. If i chose a marker from dropdown, everything is fine, but if i chose after that an other marker, the links in dropdown are not visible anymore.

    Sorry for my bad english. Please take a look on the screenshots attached. I think they explain everything.

    Thanks a lot and best regards

    1. no-marker-text
    2. no-links
    3. ok
    Manos Moderator


    I can’t verify this on our demo server here -> can you please check using your mobile device and report back ?




    trebor8736 Friend

    Hello pascm,

    problem with disappearing links is on the demoserver, too.
    On “doubletouch” the markers are working and do not disappering (on demoserver).


    1. demoserver
    Saguaros Moderator

    Thank you for your report, this seems to be a bug of this module in mobile device, I’ve passed this to our development team via our bug tracking system. They will check and fix it. You can check the status here:

    pixelmessage Friend

    Same problem here
    Joomla 3.2.2 / Modulversion 1.0.5
    Problem isn’t fixed yet.
    Anything new?

    Saguaros Moderator

    Could you please PM me admin and ftp credentials of your site? I will check further.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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