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    I have included two images of the header with Sidebar Icon, logo and menus.

    The first image (Purity Menu Desktop) is how it looks when viewed on a desktop (from left to right – Sidebar icon, logo and menus).

    The second image (Purity Menu Mobile) shows the compressed header with the following issues:
    1) The Icon overlaps the Sidebar Icon
    2) The compressed menu icon now wraps rather than being on the same line as the logo

    Is it working as designed? :confused:
    How could it be changed to not have the logo overlap the Sidebar Icon?
    How could it be changed to not wrap the compressed menu icon?

    Thanks for any help on this

    1. Purity-Menu-Desktop
    2. Purity-Menu-Mobile
    Hieu Nguyen Admin

    The “Logo Image” option currently not work in Purity III, at least in this Developer Preview version.

    We will update it in the Stable release. Stay tune!

    See this thread for more info:

    rvillela Friend

    Any updates on this issue?

    Ninja Lead Moderator

    <em>@rvillela 411398 wrote:</em><blockquote>Any updates on this issue?</blockquote>

    We plan to have it released this week.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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