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  • dragonlord Friend

    I have to say that this template is in my eyes the first good template since month here on Joomlart. It is stylish and had potential. F.e. it is possible Rutile looks like nearly Youtube with only a few modifications

    Now it is a little bit buggy (No Login Module appears on the module position Login, after changing the position e.g. to “left” there is no login position selectable anymore), but this bugs can easily solved.

    I hope the templates in the future will be this niveau.

    2Patrick Friend

    Hi Dragonlord

    Your revised version looks good.
    Did you change the typeface for the menus on the left ( what new typeface is it ?)
    If would be great if you could share with us how you made the changes
    Also when the black is removed from the top menu , it look so much better

    dragonlord Friend

    Here the Version mentioned above. The main color is green (#75af5b). It is a quick modification so there can be errors. Please backup your current Template Version of JA Rutile. I will be upload a better modified version later with explanations.

    Here the file (Joomla 1.5)

    2Patrick Friend

    Yes..your version is very much more professional looking.Good if you could rename the templated to Rulite revised or something like that so that I can use it with the existing demo pages from JA.

    Thanks again. It really so much better looking than the original !

    scattdaddy21 Friend

    i just joined yesterday in hopes to take rutile and modify it a bit. (i don’t know how yet, but i have high hopes). your mod looks great and i look forward to learning how you did it!

    Thanks very much!!


    ckinsell Friend

    Hi – did you try changing the colours of the modules? I couldnt find any module class codes

    dragonlord Friend

    <em>@ckinsell 81228 wrote:</em><blockquote>Hi – did you try changing the colours of the modules? I couldnt find any module class codes</blockquote>

    Unfortunately there aren’t any module class codes. I have mentioned it in this posting

    Module class suffix is really needed!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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