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    Hi Everybody,

    The support system is under maintenance so I figured I post it here:

    I’m having a little bit of a dilemma here. As I’m building my site, I can’t get to hide certain page modules & blocks despite specifically enabling & disabling stuff.

    Let me expand on that, here you have an article:

    As you can see the article is pushed way down the page, the above slider (is not the default one but happens with the default slider regardless), user9 module and the other one on its right is shown.

    I want to do this:

    Can you please point me out what I should do, how I should go about it?

    Thank You.

    1numarahost Friend

    Oh, and before you say it I’ve done this but the modules are showing up on every page anyway:

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    phong nam Friend

    @1numarahost: You can open the article on new page without the modules at top by following these simple steps:

    – Replace “Staatsvertrag İçin İlk Adım!” article with a module (i.e) with the link to corresponding article.

    – Assign the Home profile to Home menu item.

    – Assign the articles to a menu item (Single Article, Feature/Category Blog type).

    1numarahost Friend

    Thank you for the answer @leo Burnetts, I don’t want this only for this article. I have many others and I’ll add more later. Surely this would be an overhault for every article to make.

    Usually, the way I set the modules up, which only appear in the front page, should cover it but it doesn’t. I feel this is a theme spesific issue.

    1numarahost Friend

    And, how do we replace an article with a module? Sorry, didn’t understand that..

    phong nam Friend

    @1numarahost: You can backup the modification, it will help you to replace the article content on homepage with a module.

    As you know, the homepage article is being assigned to Home menu item so it will always load the template layout of this menu item with assigned modules. It is the default behaviour of Joomla CMS.

    The idea is to assign the category (containing that articles) to a new menu items so they will show on new page when opening. Hope you get the point.

    1numarahost Friend

    My head hurts literally. Tried some things but never got it right. Would It be terrible if I ask you to do an example? I have a support ticket open as well…

    phong nam Friend

    @1numarahost : It is fine. Just take it easy. It is 22.00 PM at my end so I will try to perform the change and reply you in detail tomorrow morning. Hope you can be patient for this !

    1numarahost Friend

    That’s awfully nice of you. Yes, I can be patient. Just need to practice my breathing :laugh:

    1numarahost Friend

    I had a moment of clarity and solved my little puzzle. Thanks for all your help leo. Been a great help!

    phong nam Friend

    You’re welcome. I am also glad that you sorted it out before I wake up 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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