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  • mkbwebber Friend

    I’m testing a new site with the Purity III template for Joomla, which I consider remarkably good.

    One of the features of Joomla I want to use is the simple RSS display of category blogs. In the current version I noted the titles are all missing from the articles when I use the latest T3/Purity, while with the older versions its works OK. It also works when not using T3.
    Any ideas or workaround known?

    Working on old site with older T3:

    Working on new site without T3:

    NOT working on new site with new T3:

    In that last one you won’t see any (blue) linked titles. When I look at the generated html it shows the title tag as follows: <title></title> which pretty much explains why the titles are missing.
    It looks to me that the T3 framework redirects the standard feed processing and tries to do something with it, which in fact does not add to the correct way of working. Hopefully I’m wrong 🙂

    Joomla version 3.3.6
    Latest T3 / Purity versions

    Any help would be appreciated. I need the feed to create some live-tiles on the new site.

    Jerry – mkbwebber

    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi Jerry,

    The problem here is that the content of this page: doesn’t show title so that when you add suffix ?format=feed&type=rss to see the feeds, of course, there will be no title generated there.

    In the meanwhile, this page: has articles with title enabled and the feeds will also contain the titles

    To sum up, if you want to have title generated in feeds, you need to enable title for article in the main content section.


    rotomds Friend

    Saguaros Idea is absolutely right.

    apply the the system & make sure that it will be clear code without any mistake.


    rotomds Friend

    Thanks for this answer


    mkbwebber Friend

    Thanks for you input Saguaros

    But you’ve got me puzzled: I actually do see titles (even linked) on page An example of a title is “Geslaagde wok-avond A pupillen” (1st article).
    Now, just to be sure, I compared all settings in the old site and the new one and they exactly match for article and blog settings. I also compared the settings for the menu – also the same.
    Not surprisingly, because I did an import of all content and menu data from the old database to the new one.

    As I said, when I look to a feed page in Joomla 3.3.6 without T3/P3, it works like I expected:
    They both show all article titles.

    When I do the same in Joomla 3.3.6 with Purity III and thus T3 also, it shows something else:
    shows articles WITH titles and
    shows articles WITHOUT titles.

    So in the last case there is a difference between normal article/blog view and the feed view regarding to article titles.

    Both sites are using an exact copy of the tables _categories _content _content_frontpage and _menu
    These copies were taken from the original (still in production) site in J2.5 with older T3, where the feed also wors like expected.

    I hope you or someone else can enlighten me. Thanks for the help so far,

    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi Jerry,

    You can PM me admin login info of your site: , I will take a look.

    mkbwebber Friend


    I tried to PM you but It doesn’t show up in my own sent items, so I hope you received it.

    Saguaros Moderator


    I already received it. I check the configuration on your site and try to duplicate the issue at my end but it shows feeds correctly.

    I try to switch default template on your site from Purity III to Beez3 (standard template of Joomla) but the problem still persists. It means that there is something wrong with Joomla you’re using, not our template. Don’t know whether you upgrade Joomla from old version or install package of new version.

    mkbwebber Friend

    Here is what I did:

    In cpanel of provider created a joomla 3.3.6 instance using the installotron plugin
    In cpanel file manager, deleted this file structure
    Downloaded the quickstart p3/t3 package from
    Extracted the package in the installotron j3.3.6 directory
    Ran the config (connected the database ao)
    Copied tables from j2.5.7 to j3.3.6 as explained in earlier post

    So it actually is a Joomla copy from Joomlart site.

    But when read your reply I went on looking for the source of the problem.
    In the other test setup ( ) I did the same steps, except I downloaded the T3 plugin and the Purity template seperately and installed them. This produces a correctly working feed.
    Appearantly there is more difference between the quick pack and the plain template then we knew of. 😀

    I would prefer to use the quick pack, because it has more features enable by default.
    Hopefully someone knows how to overcome the differences and help me out.

    Saguaros Moderator

    You can try to create a test site and install quickstart package of Purity III. Then let me how it goes

    mkbwebber Friend

    Is what I did before.

    But did a fresh install to be sure – same effect: No titles in feed.

    So, my conclusion so far is:
    When I install Joomla first and the install then T3 and P3 separately afterwards, it works OK.
    But when using the quickpack (containing J_3.3.3 + T3_2.3.0 + P3_1.1.1 + more), feeds are missing the article titles.

    BTW, In Templage Manager it tells me that there is an upgrade of T3 available to 2.4.1. :confused: Cannot find that version though at and when I try to use the provide upgrade button in template manager it doesn’t work.
    In my other test site (also with the quickpack) Template Manager congratulates me with having the newest version 2.3.0…..

    Saguaros Moderator

    The latest version of T3 framework is 2.4.1 now. You can get it here:

    mkbwebber Friend

    Didn’t solve it, but went araound:
    1) Get Joomla
    2) Get T3
    3) Get Purity3

    So do not use the quickpack – somehow it’s not a normal setup and will break the feeds.

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