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    I just installed template mixmaz (3.4.8) on url
    joomla version is up to date
    extensions gives 10 updates like: JA Content Slider Module for J25 & J34, JA Mixmaz Template ect.

    i want to use the ja extension manager for joomlart updates
    i make the path mysql + mysqldump
    in the service manager I fill in my log-in joomlart and selected joomlart updates

    normaly it works and on this way i can upload the updates
    in this case it does’nt work when I want to update by example JA Content Slider Module the extension manager gives me "No new version found" in the Maintenance are still 9 updates available

    how comes ? and what to do now ? is my question

    pavit Moderator


    Could you share as private reply your backend account ? so i can better check your settings , JAEM component is working fine by my side

    pagefactory Friend
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    pavit Moderator


    I looked at your backend and no joomlart extensions need to be updated , all your extensions are already at latest update.

    pagefactory Friend

    oke thx for looking
    can you tell me why the joomla system gives the message that there are updates while the extensions are up to date ?

    pavit Moderator

    You need to clear your updates cache, then check again for new updates

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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