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    I’ve just installed JA Tabs Plugin and want to create tabs in the article. I managed to create three tabs in one article but not figured it out how to proceed further with it. In order to do that I created three tags and included them in the corresponding page. In the Tags content I copy-pasted some dome code from JA. That is where I am stuck.

    I am novice and I am a bit frustrated with this. I know there might be sufficient explanations somewhere on the website but I am not able to figure it out. Please check what I’ve done here: You’ll notice three tabs at the bottom of the page. But, how can I:

    1. assign the contents to different tabs?
    2. position the tabs anywhere on the page at will? They seem to be stuck always at the bottom of the page.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Saguaros Moderator


    Pls differentiate Tabs and Tags.

    JA Tabs plugin helps you to show different kinds of content in tabs. While the tags at the end of above article belong to Tags component in Joomla.


    zmand13 Friend

    Ok, many thanks. I figured it out. I copy-pasted demo tag from your website and it seems it works well.

    But when I wanted immediately below the demo tabs to create my own tabs with displaying articles I obtained the following problems:

    1. the tabs are displayed but they are frozen. Nothing happens by clicking on the tabs. And the articles are not displayed.
    2. The order of the tabs does not seem to correspond to the article order in the article manager in joomla.

    Could you please check?


    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi Zohan,

    I updated the syntax for th second tabs:

    {jatabs type="articles" ids="47, 44, 45, 46" view="introtext" position="top" widthTabs=150 width=630} {/jatabs}

    and it’s showing fine now.

    For the ordering of tabs, I will report to the team for further improvement on this (maybe an additional option).


    zmand13 Friend

    Many thanks Saguaros!

    But I do not understand what did you do? I do not see any change in the syntax I used previously? Could you indicate?

    There is also another problem. On each article there is a "Read more" text appearing at the bottom . However, I did not set the articles to show intro text. I also turned off the option showing Introtext in JA Tabs manager but the text still persist. How can I deal with this?

    zmand13 Friend

    In addition to the previous message, I do not see what should I do to reorder the sequence of tabs. They do not appear to follow any particular order. They do not follow neither alphabetical nor date of creation order ?!?

    Saguaros Moderator


    I removed the ajax view as it caused conflict so it can work.

    You set to show fulltext in plugin settings but you override it by add the view="introtext" parameter in article so it still shows introtext.

    In order to inherit settings from plugin, you should remove the ‘view’ param in above code so it will be:

    {jatabs type="articles" ids="47, 44, 45, 46" position="top" widthTabs=150 width=630} {/jatabs}
    zmand13 Friend

    Thanks Saguaros,

    but I did remove view="introtext" and additionally I set the View Fulltext for Articles in Plugin manager.
    But introtext persists nevertheless. Please check and pages.

    Saguaros Moderator

    As I can see that on this article:

    You’re using tabs to show some other articles like: Documents, Description, Options,etc… but I check the content of those articles and the tabs are showing full text of those.

    Could you check again?

    zmand13 Friend

    Yes, but I am not sure we understand each other. In fact I am talking about the "Read more" text which shows below the documents in each tab. Could I remove it somehow? What is the purpose of it if I display the full article under each tab?

    One issue unrelated to this one is connected with updating of JA extensions in Joomla admin. I am offered five updates of JA extensions but when I try to update them I get the following warning: "Update path does not exist" and message: "Error updating COM_INSTALLER_TYPETYPE". Is this an issue connected with the JA side? I usually have no such problems installing updates in Joomla.

    Saguaros Moderator


    If you want to remove that readmore link, you can open file: root/plugins/system/jatabs/jatabs.php

    At approx line 451, comment the line of code like below:

    if ($params['readmore'] == 1) {
        //$divs .= "<br/><a class='readmore' href='$row->link' title='" . JText::_('Read more') . "'>" . JText::_('Read more') . "</a>";

    For the update message, Joomla may cache the old info, I’ve just cleared cache for you. And for JA products, you should use JA Extensions Manager component to update.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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