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  • Hung Dinh Friend

    Hi, I have put up the demo to receive the last-minutes feedback. The demo was enhanced with some minor improvement to maximize the usage of the left space under the logo. The difference images can be assigned to different menu

    jay973 Friend

    Thanks Hung, it looks better. Could you center it though please? It’s left aligned on the screen.



    damian Friend

    Whoaaa, Thanks Hung, Really great.

    I like the marilyn picture. it’s stiil in the left bottom if the webpage scroll. Really great.

    mj1256 Friend

    it is working perectly in opera, i like this one, except i am concerned it uses a iframe for the content area, that is very bad for search engine indexing, unless you have incorporated a workaround

    scotty Friend

    mj1256;139167except i am concerned it uses a iframe for the content area, that is very bad for search engine indexing

    nah, your looking at the demo with the template chooser thingy. The template itself does not use iFrames.

    SP Media Friend

    It does look good, no qualms here!

    hanifahmed Friend

    Hmm… maybe you could have one picture at the top AND the bottom – cos the Mona II preview looked quite cool ;D

    SP Media Friend

    The quickstart is already on the download section? Or is that the previous instalment?

    cjmicro Friend

    I like the template because it is different and has a lot of color/style choices. I do have a question though, will there be an option to have a changing photo on the left? That would make it really great.


    SP Media Friend

    You’d be able to do that by changing the image itself. 🙂

    cjmicro Friend

    Sorry, I meant that you could have different images on different pages (or by category or section). 🙂


    sunrise Friend

    well, it looks like we got ourselves a winner here. Thanks for all the work on this one, and for opening for comments before it is finished.

    instantinlaw Friend

    Well I have to say that it looks alot better live than it did as a mock. The images of the movie stars was a great touch too. The only thing I can see that might be a problem is the dark themes. I can barely make out the menu items. Anyway, I’ve changed my mind and I think I like it now. Good job Hung 🙂

    Phill Moderator

    I agree, the menu items and the side image on the dark themes are almost impossible to read on my monitor. Other than that it is OK but not one that really jumps out at me as it is. Maybe with some work.

    The combination of rounded menu items on the right mixed with other square boxes just looks wrong. I would completely drop those rounded thinks and it might begin to look better.

    It is also hard for the user to see much separation between elements such as main text, modules etc.

    I would also like to clarify, this is the 2nd Jul template as on the demo list it says 1st Aug template. I would hate to think we are not starting the 1 per month schedule with something that is not truely special.

    Phill Moderator

    P.S. When is Mona 2 due for release or is this not going to happen?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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