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  • oliverkeim Friend


    after installing JA Admin.
    The Dashboard menu is missing.

    What can i do to show it ??



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    Saguaros Moderator
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    oliverkeim Friend
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    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi Oliv,

    This is a weird issue, give me more time to check.

    joshgilson Friend

    Dealing with the same issue on a new Joomla 3.8 install, and JA Admin, newest version (1.0.5) running PHP 7.1.10

    Saguaros Moderator


    You can try to take a full backup of your site and install the package in attachment.

    Note: also check the ‘media’ folder in [root]/media if there is a folder called ‘ja_admin’, pls rename this folder to other name.

    joshgilson Friend

    Thanks, I renamed the ja-admin folder in media and installed the zip file, and then cleared the cache and refreshed. But no difference. The menu still is not showing. Please help. Thank you!

    Saguaros Moderator

    Hi Josh,

    You can share the credentials of your site: URL, Admin + FTP account so I will check for you.

    joshgilson Friend
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    Saguaros Moderator

    It due to the layout of admin menu module you set in backend, it’s should be default layout:

    Admin panel > Extensions > Modules :

    Advanced tab > Layout > set to Default:

    The menu is showing now.

    joshgilson Friend

    Thanks, but on another site I’m running, the menu is still missing and I checked the menu settings and they’re set the same. Any ideas? Thanks

    Saguaros Moderator

    Kindly check above steps:

    • Install the package
    • Rename the ‘ja_admin’ folder in ‘media’ folder
    • Set up the layout for Admin menu module
    jacquievc Friend

    I have had the same issue and via this forum I was able to correct.

    Saguaros I would just like to point out that I did not make any changes to the Admin Menu Module but had to make the changes you suggested for the Admin Menu to display.

    The only step I took was the following:

    View As – Manage = changed Admin Menu from ‘All’ to ‘Super User’ = Saved and then the Admin Menu disappeared.

    Even though I am logged in as a Super User the Admin Menu disappeared. I then changed the permissions back to ‘All’ and still no Admin Menu

    I had to go carry out the following steps (Again)
    Log back into my cPanel to access the Media folder and rename the new ja_admin folder that appeared
    Refresh > Admin Menu re-appeared
    Checked the Admin Menu module to see that the Module Style was still xhtml

    NOTE: I had to access the cPanel as I was unable to access it via the backend of the website without the Admin Menu as the search option would not display the Media Menu option.

    Maybe you could update your Configuration documentation to advise –

    • Admin Menu module – module style to be set to xhtml
    • If Admin Menu disappears to rename the ja_admin folder that will appear in the ‘Media’ folder via cpanel
    Saguaros Moderator


    I will pass to the documentation team for further updates.


    5kyy Friend

    Now what is the newest template version???
    1.0.5 was my last.
    1.0.6 i downloaded today, contains a 1.0.4b template
    in this post its a 1.0.4 template

    Seems you´re getting older???

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