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    Hi guys,

    I really could use some help with this one: the contact page is al messed up, but seems to be for some time already. I can’t get it fixed. It is a closed off intranet, and you need to login to see it.

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    Saguaros Moderator
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    smartmax Friend

    Goodmorning Saguaros,
    Thank you very much that you are willing to look into it.
    I just added you on the whitelist.

    Saguaros Moderator


    Firstly, backup your site first

    Then, open this file: root/templates/ja_intranet/less/joomla.less

    Add this style at the end of file:

    // List contact
    .contact-category {
      ul.category {
        border-top: 0;
        overflow: hidden;
        li.row-fluid {
          border: 1px solid @gray-lighter;
          width: 100%;
          margin-right: 0;
          margin-left: 0;
          & > div {
            margin: 0;
      .cat-children {
        ul {
          border: 0;
          border-top: 1px solid @t3-border-color;
          li {
            background: transparent;
            border-bottom: 1px solid @t3-border-color;
            padding: 5px 0 5px 0;
            h4 {
              border-left: 1px dotted @gray-light;
              font-size: 14px;
              font-weight: 600;
              padding: 0;
              padding-left: 15px;
              margin-left: 20px;
              position: relative;
              &:after {
                border-top: 1px dotted @gray-light;
                display: block;
                content: "";
                position: absolute;
                left: 0;
                top: 8px;
                height: 1px;
                width: 10px;
            li h4 {
              margin-left: 40px;
            li li h4 {
              margin-left: 60px;
            li li li h4 {
              margin-left: 80px;
            &:last-child {
              border: 0;

    Then go to Admin panel > Extensions > Templates > JA Intranet (your default template) > click the button ‘LESS to CSS’ to compile less to css

    Again, remember to backup your site first as when compiling less to css, all current css files will be overridden.


    smartmax Friend

    Beautiful, beautiful Saguaros, thanks!

    Just one little question, is it possible to move it a bit to the left,
    so the phone numbers are completly on one line?

    Strange, but on the next page the names are also moved?

    1. contact
    smartmax Friend

    on this image you can see that the names are also moved?
    (aed-bedieners page)

    1. aed
    Saguaros Moderator

    Could you backup your site and share the FTP account?

    smartmax Friend

    Hi Saguaros, I will come back to you on this one.
    My mail account has been hacked this afternoon, so I removed you’re login account I made for you.

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