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    I’m working in localhost not my Live site, but I’m messing around with the grid sizes and wanted to change them to the following from.
    HD Width: 1600px > 1920px
    Large Desktop Width: 1140px > 1400px
    Desktop Width: 940px > 1024px
    Tablet Width: 720px > 768px

    The reason I wanted to make the change is that the black bars on the side don’t appear on the site except if your using a huge monitor over 1920px. But everytime I make the change the site becomes messed up. The responsive part when you shrink the site has items cut off on the right side of the screen until it reaches one of the next sizes down. Is there more I need to edit or is this just not something that is possible with this template.I attached a screenshot so you can see what I’m talking about. I know there are sizes in template.css, do those need to be edited and to what if so?

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    I’m not quite sure which page are you referring to, if possible, put your site online and share the credentials of your site, I will check for you.


    sparkktv Friend

    It’s in ThemeMagic under Grid inside the template. My site is online but I do all my testing in localhost. I attached an image of the part I’m talking about in ThemeMagic.

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    That settings is equivalent to this declaration:

    // Container sizes
    // --------------------------------------------------
    // Small screen / tablet
    @container-tablet:             ((720px + @grid-gutter-width));
    @container-sm:                 @container-tablet;
    // Medium screen / desktop
    @container-desktop:            ((940px + @grid-gutter-width));
    @container-md:                 @container-desktop;
    // Large screen / wide desktop
    @container-large-desktop:      ((1140px + @grid-gutter-width));
    @container-lg:                 @container-large-desktop;
    // Very Large screen
    @container-hd-desktop:         ((1600px + @grid-gutter-width));;
    @container-hd:                 @container-hd-desktop;

    in this LESS file: root/templates/ja_moviemax/less/variables.less

    Did you try to change via this file?

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