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    I’ve come across an error that stops me closing the frame when I save K2 articles from the front-end. I’ve just updated to the latest K2 (2.7), T3, Obelisk (and JCE) and the error is still present.

    Note: When I save, the changes are saved but the frame goes blank. When I click close, the K2 frame does close.

    When I save, I get the following error in Chrome’s console:

    POST 500 (Internal Server Error) e.submitform @ core.js:1 window.submitform @ core.js:1 Joomla.submitbutton @ 120?tmpl=component:182 onclick @ 120?tmpl=component:267

    Any ideas?

    pavit Moderator

    Hi there

    I tried to replicate your issue so i applied following steps

    1) Downloaded and installed latest Quickstart version of the template
    2) Installed K2 (2.7)
    3) Configured users and groups to access from front-end
    4) Updated T3 Framework plugin to 2.5.5 version ( template is on version 1.1.2 – Joomla version 3.4.8)
    5) Created a new menu item k2 ( item edit form )
    6) logged in from front end and form works fine , it save correctly new created item, message item saved shows correctly, form can be closed correctly from close red button .

    Try to verify permissions for users trying to edit forms

    davisj Friend

    Hi Pavit,

    Thanks for your help! Just worked out the problem – I was running a plugin called K2Notify and have disabled it – no more error.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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