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  • charles99 JATC

    I am running into major bootstrap 2 and 3 conflicts… With all of Joomlart Templates. It seem none of Joomlart Template has an internal switch that allow a website owner to select the bootstrap version that we need…

    With Joomla still at Bootstrap 2.3.2 and Joomlart using Bootstrap 3.2 or 3.3 the joomlart template are directly conflicting with a host of different Components, Modules and Plugins! While template developers are using Bootstrap 3 in everything, extension developers are working from the version Joomla is at in order to be more compatible and this is where I find myself. Without that option built into Joomlart Template I will be forced to buy another template that is not Joomlart. All of my major component and modules are having problems with the template bootstrap 3 version. I use RSTicket Pro for support requests… And if you talk with the developer he will tell you the version of Bootstrap he uses is always the same as Joomla, Membership Pro also use bootstrap 2.32 the same as Joomla 3.5.1!

    With a built in Bootstrap Version Off and on switch it would give Joomlart Customers the option to select the Bootstrap version they need for a section of their website that need version 2.3.2! we would be able to create different Template Styles that would permit us to use one Joomlart Template but with different styles using Bootstrap 2 and 3 without running into a bootstrap conflict.

    This is a feature that should be in every Joomlart Template… Gavick and Youjoomla has this in their templates. And after I post this I will be replacing Joomlart Purity III template with one of these companies template. With all the work that we put into getting this template the way we liked it, tonight I find myself joining another template company because of the conflict bootstrap 3 in Joomlart Template creates. Version 1.1.5 and 1.1.6 (Purity III) even the April 2016 Template creates the same conflicts.

    And my Joomlart Subscription does not end until Nov. 2017! But without this basic option, I am forced to join another template… And before someone tries to hijack my post we have tried 6 different templates and all of them conflicted with 75% of my Components and Modules!

    RSTickets Pro, RSMembership, Membership Pro, Helpdesk Pro and I can go on and on… So I am asking you to please add this option to Joomlart Templates….. Because I look forward in using a Joomlart Template in the future when you have added a Bootstrap 2 & 3 off & on switch in the template manager area of a Joomlart Template…

    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Hi charles99,

    I read your post many times and discuss with the team lead also. At the moment it is not possible for T3 to support bootstrap 2 but I have commitment from them that they can bug fix the issues you may encounter with such conflict. We can do compatibility testing for such extensions. Currently we do compatibility fixes for many extensions for T3 templates and it even includes JomSocial – which breaks with each of their version release as they use customized bootstrap. If you look at yesterday blog post, you can see we have updated many 3rd party extensions for our templates.

    i have users who are asking us to be ready for bootstrap 4. However, I am not thinking of it now.

    Are we concerned? Absolutely, that’s why our free template (check blog in a day or two) is releasing with default Joomla bootstrap version 2.3.2 and no framework. We are placing it at par with the default Joomla templates. I did that so that now I can add bootstrap 3 option later on.

    Bootstrap 3 offers more flexibility and options as compared with 2 and therefore we went with bootstrap 3.

    You can make list of issues you are facing in terms of compatibility and I will have them looked and fixed. For any issue not fixed by support team, you can ask them to forward the issue to me and I can help.

    T3 will evolve better with upcoming major version and I have plans to minimise the issues members have to face and to make it more userfriendly in terms of layout customization. But I would not want to force migration on to the users.

    Let me ping RS team for complimentary copies and I can do compatibility testing and fixing for T3 framework.



    Arvind Chauhan Moderator

    Hi charles99,

    I got the complimentary access to rsjoomla extensions and the team will test out the extensions and find the best way to add the compatibility fixes in the framework.

    bdunaway Friend

    Hey guys,

    I am in the same boat. Would love to see some compatibility.

    If I have to choose between the template or the 3 modules I am using from RSJoomla I am going to have to go with another template. Which is a shame because I love the template otherwise.

    Any progress? Any news?

    I would be glad to provide any information to help troubleshoot.


    Saguaros Moderator


    It’s undergoing testing and fixing bugs, please stay tuned and check updated news in our blog posts.

    bdunaway Friend

    Excellent! Thanks for the update.

    tom_laan84 Friend

    I Always use RSForms!Pro with every Joomlart template website i made but never have had issues. I always disable rsjoomla styling. I don’t see the problem here. Also have a website that used RSEvents!Pro.

    sergiogaia Friend

    I have conflict with RSFiles! Any progress?

    charles99 JATC

    Disable bootstrap in RSFiles and see it that works…. That is what I had to do in order to get RS Component to work… but you will still run into problems…

    sergiogaia Friend

    Thanks Charles, reduced problems.

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