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    I installed a banner on Css files for the ja-header position.

    Now, how is possible to make it clickable to index page ?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    1. BANNER
    TomC Moderator

    How did you go about installing the banner? Is it a custom_mod?

    If so, and if the banner is an image, you can set the link within the WYSIWYG editor.

    kidi Friend

    Hello TomC,

    I add a background under the css code at this place, a jpg files.
    The module aren’t active (desactive by me) so we see only the banner (image) at the top of the site.
    But now, I don’t now how is possible to make it clickable.

    TomC Moderator

    Can we see the css code you created for the banner in this position?

    Again, is this position associated with a module (within your Module Manager)?
    If so, what kind of module is it?

    kidi Friend

    Hello Tom C,

    This is the css :

    #ja-header {
    background-image: url("../images/ban1.jpg");
    background-position: center top;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    line-height: normal;
    padding: 20px 0 0;
    z-index: 999;

    And I desactived modules : Menu top, search and delete logo Ja Rutile.

    We can see a clean image on top, but…. no clickable 🙁

    TomC Moderator

    This is because you have no url association with your image. You have the image displaying through CSS and not via an image within a custom module within your module manager – which you can make linkable.

    HOWEVER, perhaps you could try it the following way
    (NOTE: the url is used for example purposes only) . . . .. . . . .

    { background-image: url(; }

    Replace the current url within the above example with the url/link you are wanting to use – as well as the path to your image.
    Then, cut-and-paste it into the css you identified above.

    make sense?

    kidi Friend

    Hello Tom,

    Thank you to take time for answer me.

    The total url you proposed doesn’t run (with my link 🙂 in the css files.

    I will try, as you ask in your first post, to install a custom_mod with the image and link.

    So, now my problem is : How make a module with the exactly size of my actual image on ja-header place ? 🙂

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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