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    As I can see that you’ve already added style for the text in main menu:

    .navbar-default .navbar-nav > li > a, .navbar-default .navbar-nav > li > .separator
      padding: 8px!important;
      letter-spacing: 0px!important;

    You can add ‘font-size’ property for it, it seems to be set with font-size: 18px’ on your site now.


    frankgabriels_1961 Friend

    Hi Saguaro,

    The code that you gave looked very familiar…
    Maybe it’s because it’s the code for an earlier problem that you solved for me 🙂
    The code above was used to change the magazine menu with the categories.

    My question of yesterday was about the lay-out of the menu items in the TOPNAV bar.
    The image in my previous post is different from the one on the site now, because it changes when users are logged in. But

    If you could be so kind to have another look at the code, but for the TOPNAV bar.

    Thanks a million!


    Saguaros Moderator

    My bad, I thought it’s the main nav.

    With the top nav, you can add style for this class:

    .t3-topnav .nav > li > a {
      /*your style goes here*/


    frankgabriels_1961 Friend

    Hi Saguaros,


    This code works.

    I even managed to add an extra line of code to define the size of my letters in the TopNav bar, so it matches the letters in the Magazine Menu.

    This post can be marked als solved!

    Have a nice weekend!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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