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    This is only a partial tip, as I only know how to add keys for custom text strings. For my example, I added the “city” field. So, first open up helper/jafunctions.class.php and find:

    $jobs->job_detail = "";

    Immediately after, add your custom field: (Just replace “city” with your field name)

    $jobs->city = "";

    Next, find the following code:

    $define = str_replace("{JOB_DESCRIPTION}", $jobs->job_detail, $define);

    Immediately after, add your custom field:

    $define = str_replace("{JOB_CITY}", $jobs->city, $define);

    Last, go to the “Meta Data” section of your admin section. Your new key, {JOB_CITY}, won’t be listed as an option, but you can now use it on the job detail page.

    (Note, I think the location_id field would be great, as well, but I couldn’t get the getlocation function to work on it… If anybody knows how to do that, please add below!)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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