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    I want to add different width for every block, but I can only use same width with this code:

    <blocks name="middle" colwidth="33">
    <block name="right1" style="jaxhtml">home1</block>
    <block name="right2" style="jaxhtml">right</block>
    <block name="left2" style="jaxhtml">main</block>

    How can I add colwidth for every block element?!

    for example 20% for home1, 40% for main, 20% for right position

    Pirooz bashid
    Best Regards,

    novinfard Friend

    Please help, I can’t migrate to other template framework because of this small issue, please help your framework users. :((

    Winchester Friend

    I’m curious about this also. I tried to see if I could set different sizes to each column, but it just won’t work from the layout.

    Anyways, this can be done using CSS.

    One question though. With your layout, you’re expecting to have 4 columns, right?


    Is this correct?

    Best regards,
    H. Winchester Lyon

    novinfard Friend

    yes, that’s right.
    Can you help me by explain some more details about this issue?

    Winchester Friend

    <em>@novinfard 318022 wrote:</em><blockquote>Thanks
    yes, that’s right.
    Can you help me by explain some more details about this issue?</blockquote>

    Ok.. First of all the layout needs fixing. The style should be xhtml and not jaxhtml.

    <blocks name=”middle” colwidth=”20″>
    <block name=”right1″ style=”xhtml”>home1</block>
    <block name=”right2″ style=”xhtml”>right</block>
    <block name=”left2″ style=”xhtml”>main</block>

    The HTML this output should look like this

    <div id=”ja-container”>
    <div class=”main”>
    <div id=”ja-mainbody”>
    <div id=”ja-main”></div> <!– Main Content Area –>
    <div id=”ja-left2″></div> <!– Left Column (left2) Area –>

    <div id=”ja-right”>
    <div id=”ja-right1″></div> <!– Right Column (right1) Area –>
    <div id=”ja-right2″></div> <!– Right Column (right2) Area –>


    Once you’ve done this you can set the styling for them in your css file.

    #ja-mainbody {width: 60% !important;} /* Holds the content area and left area */
    #ja-right {width: 40% !important;} /* Holds both right areas */

    #ja-main {width: 66.66% !important;} /* This is for the content area */
    #ja-left {width: 33.33% !important;} /* Holds both left areas */

    #ja-left2 {width: 100% !important;} /* This is for the left2 area */

    #ja-right1 {width: 20% !important;} /* This is for the right1 area */
    #ja-right2 {width: 20% !important;} /* This is for the right2 area */

    It going to look like this:


    You might have to do some adjustments to the percentages depending on your styling, but this should do the trick.

    I hope this helps,


    Best regards,
    H. Winchester Lyon

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